About Us


One of the most enriching and delightful experiences in life, other than having kids, is to own a pet.   They give us never ending source of joy and happiness, and they constantly amaze us with tricks and their unique personalities.

Like a child, our pet will depend on us for everything from nourishment to medical attention, exercise and safety. Our responsibility is to make sure we give them the best care possible.



The main highlight at allpetcages.com is on giving pets a comfy home – from places they rest to places they live and go, the environment is having big impact to our pets’ growth and development.   We constantly review different products to suggest you the best ones, and we’ll invite expert to share tips and tricks to keeping our pets healthy and happy.  We also welcome visitors to share their experience and unique stories.

For any sharing, simply visit our facebook or email us at info@allpetcages.com.