Top 5 Best Adjustable Dog Crates for Growing Puppies

Adjustable dog crates are good for growing puppies and adult dogs, not to mention a brilliant idea and a plausible option to instill discipline and security for your pets. One of the purposes for buying this kind of crate is that your dog won’t need to adapt to a new crate all over again even after growing up. Why? It’s because of its one-of-a-kind adjustable features with dividers that has been built in the crate. Not only will your dog learn to follow rules and behave themselves but adjustable dog crates have also become one of the most secure methods in transferring dogs from one venue to another.

In this article, we also included guidelines and features of dog crates with dividers that you could choose from to avoid regretting buying an oversized or uncomfortable crate for your furry friend.

Notes To Take When Selecting an Adjustable Dog Crate:

Better keep in mind that in getting an adjustable dog crate, you must be sure that the folding is indeed pretty much easy and yet it is unbreakable at the same time. This will provide security for your pups and prevent injuries to both yourself and your growing dog. In choosing the right one, you have to check the size of your dog now and estimate how big it will grow into in future so that you can get one that fit for him now and also when he grows bigger.

Top 5 Adjustable Dog Crates:

1. MidWest Life Stages Folding Metal Dog Crate

This design has been created to secure and to provide safety for your puppy as he grows older. You could set up this crate in just minutes without the need for tools. It has secure sliding bolt latches with circular and round corners finished with a satin-black Electro Coat. It has a divider panel that may be used while the puppy is growing and for adjusting the length of the area. It may be folded and turned into a portable crate. It has a one year warranty.

MidWest Life Stages folding dog crate is super strong and sturdy, and it comes in different sizes to choose from and is priced affordably. The wire structure allows you to add a divider anywhere you like so you can custom a crate area best suitable for your puppy.

2. Midwest iCrate Pet Crates

MidWest dog crates have gained the reputation for standing the test of time against corrosion and rust and iCrate is another best seller you can consider. Puppies and dogs love to scratch, bite and chew hence the Midwest iCrate Pet Crates are said to be ironclad and lasts for long periods of time.

Same as MidWest Life Stages, the iCrate is unbreakable and easy to build without the need of tools. It comes with the divider that fits the dog crate size perfectly and will save your time finding one on top.

​3. Oxford Double Door Easy Folding Dog Crate

A high standard folding dog crate such as the Oxford will surely last a lifetime for its secure materials and steel. It consists of multiple doors that easily locks via a slide-bolt latch. It also includes a free divider panel that allows you to adjust the size of the living area for your dog while it grows. However, if you’re having a huge-sized dogs, we recommend you to check the size of your pets prior to buying one.

4. Richell Expandable Pet Crate with Floor Tray​

Richell is an amazing adjustable dog crate and unlike other options that you add divider to decide the living area, this crate can expand from around 35” to 61” wide and is adjustable to 11 different widths! The floor tray that comes along with the dog crate is expandable too. Richell Expandable Dog Crate is highly rated by users and we recommend it to those who don’t mind investing a little more.

5. Allmax 3-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate with Tray & Divider

The unique features of the Allmax 3-door Folding Dog Crate is that it could be set-up easily with dividers that are helpful for growing puppies. It has been created with strong metal and a dark powdercoat. It has fantastic plastic liner locks proved to be useful when cleaning with easy to slide locks. Storage is made quick via its folding methods and style. You and your puppy will have no trouble entering the crate because of its 3- double latch doors. Mostly, your dog will feel safe and secure, resting, eating or even taking naps inside the dog crate divider.

What we like most about Allmax is that it has three double-latched doors that keep your dog safe and at the same time give you easy access.

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