Amazing Hamster Cage Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

Hamsters are enjoyable pets to have, not only because they are adorable and smart but also because designing hamster homes is a pleasurable form of recreation. Many hammy owners have fun exercising their skills in interior decoration and even their knack for carpentry, but the only real requirements are creativity and ample knowledge of what hamsters need. If you are thinking of sprucing up your pet’s home, there are many amazing hamster cage ideas on the internet that you can draw inspiration from.

Amazing Hamster Pet Cage Ideas

Here are some great examples of hamster cages that other hammy enthusiasts have designed:

“Sweets” Hamster Cage Theme from Hopping Hammy

This hamster play pen from Hopping Hammy is a cute and girly enclosure decorated with a variety of items that suit the "sweets” theme. There are cupcakes made of ceramics and a rug that’s actually a piece of tissue. There is a hidey-hole that used to be a tissue box and another one that was originally a candle holder. The owner also converted a cookie box into a tunnel. The whole enclosure is strewn with color paper chews so that it looks like a little party place. The owner used Aspen shavings, Carefresh confetti and Kaytee clean & cozy, but the enclosure is utilized only as a playpen, not at a permanent home.

Wood-Themed Habitat from FreeYork

This magnificent piece of work will make any hamster a happy little pet, indeed. It has plenty of space to run around on and holes to hide in. There are also low ramps to climb. It looks like a little farm because of the wood used, but the white picket fence and the beam above the gate are two decorative items that make it attractive and homey.

Dollhouse Hamster Cage from Kenzie Hegstad

This three-layer habitat was made for a hedgehog but can also work as a hamster cage. It’s a dollhouse bookcase that the owner converted into a palace for her daughter’s pet. As you can see, each layer has mesh wires for ventilation and where glass is used for the front, there are windows where air can go through. The layers are connected using wide PVC pipes that their pet can use as a tunnel. There is a water bottle, toys, food dish, hideaways, and bedding.

Tubes and Tunnels from Caring Pets

This hamster enclosure is a maze of tunnels that hamsters will have fun exploring for hours on end. While this type could be difficult to clean and it also does not seem to have enough flat, open space where a hamster can relax and play, you can at least draw some inspiration from it – you can include tunnels in your own hammy habitat.

Hamster Cage Accessories

In a way, decorating your hamster home is something like building and decorating a unique doll house; as such, appropriate accessories are needed. Amazon has some items that you may find suitable for your pet’s habitat, such as:

Activity Assault Course from Rosewood Pet

Because hamsters love to explore, this nifty little climbing accessory would be a great addition for your pet’s cage. It provides exercise and enjoyment because they can crawl on and in it. It has two ladders on each side with pegs in between and, in the center, is a little log that they can use as a tunnel. The manufacturer assures buyers that it’s made of wood safe for pets.

Hideout from Emours

This little two-story house can be a little hideout for your pet. There are holes to go through, a ramp to climb on, and even a trough for food at the end of the little balcony. It’s made of all-natural wood and can be folded for easy storage.

Ceramic Critter Bath from Kaytee

This product would be a cute addition to your hamster’s home. They can take dry baths in it, but some owners say that their pets tend to use it as a potty. It’s made of ceramic so it’s easy to clean and is heavy enough to not to topple down. It comes in purple, yellow, blue, and green, although the buyer cannot choose which color they will get.

Remember, though, when buying accessories for your hamster, make sure that it’s the right size for your pet because there are some products that are meant for smaller breeds.

There are many products available that you can use to make your own amazing hamster cage and you can even make use of old, unused items in your house (just make sure that they are pet safe). The only limit is your imagination and, of course, it should be suited for your little pet. 

Find out what types of cage your hamster will enjoy the most by reading this article.

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