Cat Backpack with Bubble Window: The Innovative Way to Travel with Your Cat

I love to spoil my cats and this cat bubble backpack caught my attention immediately. Before jumping to getting one for my kitty, I have a question - even if my cats love going outside, are these cat backpack with bubble windows good as a cat carrier? To answer this question, I’ve dived into reviews after reviews and here is a summary of what I’ve got.

Traveler Bubble Backpack Pet Carrier by Texsens

A pet backpack is easy to carry and is convenient to use because it frees your hands, but what about the comfort of your cat? With the Texsens innovative cat backpack with bubble window, you do not have to worry about your feline friend while you’re on your adventures. It has holes and mesh panels for ventilation as well as a semi-spherical window so that he can look out and see what’s going on outside.

The cat bubble backpack measures 12.99 inches long x 9.05 inches wide x 15.74 inches tall and can accommodate a cat of up to 12 pounds, although some customers find it too small. Since its shoulder straps are padded and adjustable, you can carry it in comfort. It has a built-in leash and provides easy access to your pet. You also do not have to worry about cleaning because it includes a soft washable pad. The manufacturer does remind customers to air the backpack for 2 to 3 days upon purchase to get rid of the slight odor that synthetic leather tends to have.

Bubble Pet Carrier by U-pet

This bubble pet carrier by U-pet is not a backpack but it, too, has a removable bubble window. It is the cutest carrier I have ever seen and I love that I can see my cat right next to me. Another good thing about it is it can be used not just as a mobile pet bed but also as a car seat. It has mesh panels and ventilation holes as well as washable pad and security leash.

The bag measures 15.4 inches x 7.1 inches x 10.6 inches that can fit cats up to 12 pounds, although several buyers say that it doesn’t have enough room for their cats, which weigh less than that.

There also U-pet backpacks that are available if you would like to stick with backpack rather than the sling bag.

Airline Approved Traveler Bubble Backpack by Pettom

If you want to have a more versatile bubble carrier for your cat, then the cat backpack with bubble window from Pettom may be the one that you are looking for. It can be switched from a mobile bubble backpack to a wheeled carrier and vice versa. The adjustable straps are padded for your comfort, and it has space your cat accessories and snacks.

The semi-spherical window allows your furry friend to look out while the mesh and holes provide ventilation. You can put your cat in or take him out through the front or side opening. For security, it includes an inner leash hook and it also has a password lock.

This bag, with its 12.6 inches x 9.4 inches dimensions, can accommodate cats between 6 and 22 pounds. The height, when the rod for pulling the stroller is included, is 36.6 inches; but the cat bubble backpack stands 17.7 inches, according to a customer who bought the product.

If you want to keep your cat safe, secure, and comfortable while you are traveling, then you can opt for a cat backpack with bubble window. It will also allow you to enjoy yourself, without worrying about your beloved pet.

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