Dog Bath Tub Ideas for Ease and Convenience

Doggie bath time can be quite stressful if your pet is one who dislikes getting washed. If you have to wrestle with your dog each time you need to clean him, then you may want to consider some dog bath tub ideas. These are designed to make dog bathing easier on you and less scary for your furry friend. Here are some that are available on Amazon:

Large Elevated Dog Bath Tub by Booster Bath

Having to lean down to wash your large dog can be harsh on your back. The solution is a large dog bath tub that is elevated like the one by Booster Bath. When assembled, it stands 32.25 inches (0.8 meters) high, and you can go around it so you can wash your pet thoroughly. It has a caddy so you don’t have to bend down to reach for the shampoo, a fan spray nozzle for washing, and a drain hose so you can direct where you want the the soapy water to go.

This big dog bath tub measures 45 inches x 21.25 inches x 15 inches with one side open for entry, and the manufacturer says it can hold a dog of up to 125 pounds. The rubber mat prevents your furry friend from slipping, and the patented restraint system keeps him from jumping out, backing up, or turning around.

The main body of the outdoor dog bath tub is made of two pieces that you can snap together, and the legs are quick-snap, too. Although some customers say that it’s too light and unstable for large dogs, many attest that it is sturdy enough.

Extra-Large Elevated Dog Bath with Step Combo by Booster Bath

If you have a Great Dane, a Mastiff, a Newfoundland, or a different extra-large breed that weighs up to 175 pounds, then you would need an extra large dog bath tub. Like the large model above, this XL tub by Booster Bath also stands 32.25 inches (0.8 meters), although the tub itself measures 50 inches x 21.25 inches x 15 inches.

It also has drain hose, a shampoo caddie, a no-slip mat, a restraint system, and a fan spray nozzle, but the tub in this model is one piece instead of two and the legs are bolted rather than snapped together. Some customers found it difficult to assemble, though.

If you are wondering how to put your extra-large dog in the tub, then you can opt for the Combo option, which includes bath steps.

Portable Pet Bath Tub by Flying Pig Grooming

While small dogs are relatively easier to bathe, it can also be harder on your back having to reach down to wash them. Flying Pet Grooming solves this with their portable dog bath tub, which stands 35.5 inches (0.9 meters) in height. The basin is 37.5 inches long and 19.5 inches wide (its bottom is 24 inches x 12 inches), so it can easily accommodate small- to medium-sized dogs of up to 150 pounds. It also fits into a regular bathtub.

This small dog bath tub is made of heavy-duty plastic and the legs are of stainless steel, although some customers found that putting it together was not a piece of cake. It has a leveler so if your floor is uneven, you can adjust it accordingly. It has a stopper for the drain, a drain hose, and eyelets for a leash.

Portable Foldable Pet Bath Tub by Pet Bath Tubs

If you are looking for a portable dog bath tub that you can carry with you, then the foldable model by Pet Bath Tubs may just be what you are looking for. When it’s doggie bath time, you only have to assemble it without the need for tools; and when not in use, you can fold it into its carrying case. However, customers say that you need to take the whole thing apart to do the latter.

The tub measures 39.5 inches x 24 inches x 16.5 inches, and one side is like a gate that you can lower down to let your dog in and out, which some pet owners find convenient. It also has pockets for shampoo and other accessories.

Pet Wash Enclosure by Home Pet Spa

When bathing your dog, splashes come with territory; but this can be minimized with the use of the Pet Wash Enclosure with Splash Guard from Home Pet Spa. You let your dog into the enclosure through the entry door, then you can start using the shower wand and the 6 mist jets for soaking.

The enclosure measures 35 inches x 24.7 inches x 29.25 inches so it’s good for large dogs, but you can also use the removable shelf to accommodate a small breed. This dog bath tub for home can be connected to any faucet, and it also has wheels so you can move it around. The package includes dog safety restraints and a flexible drain.

Professional Stainless Steel Pet Grooming Bath Tub by Flying Pig Grooming

If you really want to pamper your dog and yourself -- that is, if you want to avoid back strain and make dog bathing easy and convenient -- then you can get the professional stainless steel dog bath tub from Flying Pig Grooming. It has just about everything you would need when washing your four-legged friend.

It has a faucet with hose that you can connect to hot and cold water, a hair trap, a drain kit with drain hose, an overhead grooming arm, and a shampoo rack. It has a sprayer, too, although some customers wish the strength of the water can be regulated. Moreover, you can adjust the floor grates up or down to suit your dog -- it can hold different sizes, from small pooches to big ones up to 220 pounds. Your pet can go up the walk-in ramp and you can close the door. The back- and side-splash guards of this extra large dog bath tub can be removed for your convenience.

If you and your pet feel that bath time is an ordeal, then a dog bath tub for home use just might be the solution. Choose the one that suits your needs best!

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