Keep Your Pet Safe While on the Road with a Dog Console Car Seat

When we travel with our dogs in tow, we want to make sure that they are not only safe but also comfortable. But because they have a different way of sitting and lying down, they need special seats to keep them both secure and snug while in the car.  Dog console car seat is a good option since it doesn't take up extra seats from the car.  Different dog console car seats are available in the market and you can choose one that would be suited for both your vehicle and your pet. Here are some of them worth highlighting:

Luxury High Back Console Pet Car Seat by Snoozer

This dog console car seat from Snoozer offers your dog his own secured space inside your vehicle when you travel – between yourself and your front passenger.

The console dog car seat's back is higher than the other three sides to provide added protection and support. It also has a non-skid bottom so that it does not slide from the console when you accelerate or decelerate, keeping your pet secured. Moreover, the security strap ensures that your four-legged friend stays in place while you're on the road so you don't have to worry about what he is doing while you are driving.

There are few sizes to choose from and the luxury microsuede cover with accent cording comes in several colors so you can choose one that would match the interior of your car. And because the cover and pad of this dog car seat console unit can be machine washed, it is easy to clean. These are probably the reasons why this product is so popular and is constantly out of stock.

Many satisfied customers like the material used, and their pets apparently like getting into their special dog car seat for center console. Even though this dog console car seat may cost a little more than others, customers say it’s worth every penny.

Lookout Pet Travel Seat by Snoozer

This is another console dog car seat from Snoozer, but this one is best for small dogs up to 7 lbs. It measures 8 inches x 8 inches x 12 inches, which would easily fit on the console between the driver's and front passenger's seats. It is secured with a safety strap.

The interior of this console lookout dog car seat is lamb's wool and polyurethane foam, while the exterior is either simulated leather, woven poly cotton, or nylon quilt that you can put in the washing machine for cleaning. You can select one that is most comfortable for your dog and most suited for your car's upholstery.

While many customers are happy with their purchase, some found this dog console car seat too small for their pet. If you plan to get a bigger one for your growing dog, the next product from Snoozer may suit your need.

Console Pet Car Seat by Snoozer

Similar to the Lookout Travel Seat we talked about just now, this dog console car seat comes in large size with cream fur. It measures 19 inches x 12 inches x 7 inches on the outside, while the inside where your dog will stay measures 16 inches x 9 inches x 4 inches. The manufacturer says it can accommodate pets of up to 12 pounds.

The sherpa lining of this console dog car seat provides warmth during cold weather and is cool during the hot season. The exterior comes in several color options and is machine washable, so it's a snap to clean.

Pet Car Seat Carrier by Pettom

Not exactly a dog console car seat, this car seat carrier from Pettom is being see as a good alternative since you can use it as a bag to carry your pet or as a snug little place for your dog to sit in when you travel.

Before driving off, you can put the seatbelt through the carrier's loops and place the strap around the headrest to keep it in place. Keeping the top unzipped allows your dog to poke his head out, but he can be prevented from jumping off by using the clip inside. When walking, you can use the handles for carrying the carrier or you can sling it on your shoulder. You can also let your pet out via the side entry.

This carrier can accommodate pets of up to 20 pounds. It has mesh panels so there is enough ventilation to keep your dog cool, and the fabric is durable and a breeze to clean. When not in use, you can fold it flat so it does not take up much space in your storage.

The main reason this airline approved car seat dog carrier is well loved by customers is because of the design with multiple pockets and the durable materials used.

Deluxe Dog Booster Car Seat by Devoted Doggy

Devoted Doggy also has a booster car seat for dogs up to 20 pounds. The product, which measures 12 inches x 14 inches x 7 inches, can be secured on the passenger seat to keep your pet snug and safe during the ride.

The dog seat has a metal frame, and the manufacturer attests to the sturdy straps and bottom. It keeps fur from getting all over your car, and for convenience, it has pockets and the lining can be removed for washing.

Remember, having a dog in your car can sometimes distract you from driving. So do choose a dog seat that keeps your lovely friend comfortable and safe while keeping you focused on your driving!

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