Different Types of Dog Crate Mats: Which one is Perfect for Your Dog?

A dog crate mat is an essential accessory that your pet’s dog crate should have. For one, a dog crate without a mat might not be an ideal place for your pet to relax in. Without a comfortable mat, your dog might suffer from pain in the joints and bones.

Second, a dog crate mat also offers a soothing feel for the pets. In most cases, it becomes much easier for a dog to adjust to sleeping in a dog crate if there is a mat inside. This especially holds true for dogs that are used to sleeping on their owner’s bed.

Here’s a look at some of the different types of dog crate mats that you can choose from.

Different types of dog crate mats

This type of dog crate mattress comes with bumpers on the sides. This feature guarantees that pets, especially the small ones, will not fall off on the ground. Since it is made from soft cotton materials, it is an ideal choice for use during the summer or even winter months. During the former, the high-quality Sherpa can keep the dogs cool, but it can also keep the pets warm during the latter.

A water resistant dog crate mat is most perfect for pets that are practically new to using a dog crate. Dogs that are also not yet trained to pee and poop in specific areas should be given this type of mattress.

ASPCA’s water resistant crate mat, for instance, is perfect for crate use, outdoor runs, patios and other types of dog houses. Since it is water resistant, there’s no need to worry about leaving it under the rain for a short period of time. It is also very easy to wash using a machine, and purchasing the product means you will also be helping the American society for the prevention of cruelty to animals.

If your main purpose for buying a dog crate is for traveling, it’s best to go for replaceable dog crate pads that you can use with it. This type of dog crate pad guarantees no hassle while traveling because you can just throw the pad away in case your dog accidentally pees or poops on it.

Comfort’s pet dog crate and nap pad comes in different colors and sizes. They are soft in texture which guarantees comfort.

MidWest Paw Print Reversible Fleece Stuffed Bed can be used for crates or as a standalone bed for dogs. It is machine washable and dryable, and guarantees comfort anytime of the year. However, this type of dog crate mat can only be used with a 24-inch crate. It can also only accommodate dogs that won’t exceed its 25-pound limit.

LifeWheel’s dog crate liners are perfect for use during the summer months. Since it offers heat-resisting and breathable cooling pad features, pet owners don’t have to worry about their dogs suffering from heat stroke.

The bottom part of the mat offers an anti-slip and moisture-proof oxford feature making it an ideal choice for both home and travel use.

Even though there are several different types of dog crate mats available out there, we are recommending the Dallas Manufacturing Co. Weather Resistant dog crate mat.

This type of dog bed for crate is a perfect choice for pet owners who want to use it at home or in the car when traveling. Since it is weather resistant, it guarantees that your dog won’t feel cold or hot depending on the current season.

If you are looking for additional comfort for your dog, Dallas Manufacturing Co.’s product will certainly be perfect for you because its insides are made from polyurethane foam. It requires low maintenance and cleaning because you can care for it by simply using a damp cloth.

Sizes and prices

This weather-resistant dog crate mat also comes in different sizes and each size also differs in terms of price. The smallest mat measures 22” x 16”, while the largest one measures 24” x 39”.

What we like about it

Other than its affordability, appearance and availability, what we like most about this mat for dog crate is its durability. Most customers who previously purchased this product said that they were able to use it for several years. Of course, proper care is still necessary.

Additionally, the pad is also lightweight. Even though it is only considered weather resistant, some customers have said that it is also water resistant up to a certain extent.

Now that you have some options and ideas when it comes to a dog crate mat, choose the best one that will go perfectly with your dog crate and dog crate cover.  But always remember, if you are planning to put the dog mat inside a crate, always pay attention to different sizes a brand is offering.  This is a key determining factor to the comfort level you are bringing to your lovely friend!

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