Dog Crate on Wheels

While researching for the best dog crate for your pet you will find that there are crates that have wheels and crates that don’t. Dog crates with wheels are very commonly used by pet owners who bring their four-legged friends to dog shows. They are a very convenient way of carting pets from one place to another. However, it doesn’t mean that you have to buy the one with wheels. There are several options in the market to check out the benefits and uses of the dog crate with wheels before deciding whether you absolutely need one.

Why choose a dog crate on wheels?

The benefits of choosing a dog crate on wheels are quite a few. The first and foremost is that you have the flexibility of moving your dog indoors or outdoors instead of scaring him with a strange new environment as he is already familiar with his own den that he treats as home.Dog crates are also beneficial to transport sick or disabled dogs. Older and aggressive dogs can be placed in these crates where they won’t have to suffer violent movements that can cause stress or anxiety.The dog can always be taken out during family outings instead of being left behind.People with pets generally tend to treat their pet as family and like to take them out when the family travels. In such times the dog crate on wheels can be a great blessing. People also have a great choice while choosing the right dog crate on wheels for their pet.

The best dog crates on wheels

Goplus® Metal Wire Dog Crate

Goplus® is well-known to suit the needs of large dogs. It comes with high quality non-toxic steel wire, with four wheels for convenient portability and easy storage. The structure and the frame of the cage is super strong, and that’s why it’s famous for being indestructible.

What we like most:

  • This crate is of high mobility and also high flexibility with two of the four wheels lockable. There are also two doors available – one comes with a lock and the other with secure and simple slide bolt latches
  • Goplus ® is easy to assemble and you can keep it away if not in use, and assemble quickly when needed

Premium Plastic Dog Crate

Apart from wire crate, plastic is another popular materials and Premium Plastic Dog Crate is made of durable plastic that is easy to assemble. The wheels can be easily snap on or off as needed. Premium Plastic Dog Crate is also good for small to extra large dogs, as it comes in 5 different sizes suiting the needs of different breeds.

What we like most:

  • ​One of the few IATA Airline Approved plastic dog crate that comes with snap on wheels
  • Very good design with a pot for water or food

SmithBuilt Heavy Duty Dog Cage Crate​

SmithBuilt is a heavy duty dog crate that is designed to last a lifetime. The crate is ultra durable with multi-layer finish that is much stronger than other brands and it’s rust and corrosion resistant, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

What we like most:

  • Side and top doors for easy access
  • The multi-layer protective coating is tested to be stain / rust / warp / corrode / odor free
  • One of the few models that comes with multiple colors

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Another alternative to getting a dog crate with wheels is to buy a crate dolly to help you move your pet and his home around. The few good options available in the market include:

MidWest Tubular Crate Dolly

Midwest Tubular Crate Dolly is widely used by show dogs. It comes with easy roll 5” bearing wheels and heavy duty nylon pull handle with rubber grip. You can simply load your large crate on this dolly and all your good on the side or on top with bungee cords.

ProSelect Steel Chrome Kennel Kart with Wheels

ProSelect is famous as dog crate brand. This crate kart is also designed with dog owners and dogs’ need in mind. It handles the heaviest loads with ease and includes braided nylon rope handle with comfortable foam rubber grip. This kart can hold up to 640 pounds weight and is made of heavy-duty, chrome-plated tubular steel. The wheels are larger than other crate dolly and it rolls well on gravel, grass or pavement. Best of all, assembling the kart is super easy!

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