When to Know If You Need a Dog Treadmill?

Dog treadmill, like any other treadmills use by individuals, is used primarily to keep oneself healthy and fit, and, sometimes, to release pent-up emotions or energy.

How to Know if You Need a Dog Treadmill

Some people view a dog treadmill as nothing more than a luxury item, but if you observe your pet closely, you would know if he needs one for exercise. To find out if your dog needs added workout, here are some things that you should observe:

· Your dog is getting fat. If your furry friend is gaining weight, it could be an indication that he is not getting enough exercise. Make sure to address this because obesity can cause health problems.

· Your dog is showing destructive behaviors. When your dog is bored, he is likely to become destructive. Bored dogs will often find other ways to amuse themselves and release their extra energy by playing or ruining your furniture, shoes, garden, and other stuff. It is best to tire him out by giving him ample exercise.

· Your dog engages in a lot of rough play. A dog that just has to engage in rough play might have a lot of energy to burn, more than what your regular regimen allows. It would be good to let him have more exercise.

· Your dog seems restless. A human who remains sedentary all day for many days may begin to feel sluggish and weary, and a dog who does not get enough exercise may feel sad, anxious, or restless.

· Your dog tries to get your attention too much. Your dog may bark excessively to be noticed, or he may constantly nudge you, climb on you, or whine beside you to get your attention.

With a treadmill for dogs in your house, your pet can have his regular exercise even if it is raining or snowing outside or if your schedule or physical condition prevents you from taking him for a walk. It is a great way to release his extra energy, thereby lessening unwanted behaviors.

Here are some dog treadmills you may want to purchase for your furry companion:

Folding Treadmill with Computer Training Pre-Set Program by dogPACER

If you have a medium or large dog, this indoor walking exercise machine from dogPACER is a good option. Made of carbon steel, it can support pets up to 180 pounds. It has a running area of 71 inches x 16.4 inches and can go from 0.5 mph to 7.5 mph, and you can also set the angle of incline at 5, 6.5. 7.5, or 9 degrees.

One of this dog treadmill's features is the multiple pre-set exercise programs so you can choose which one would be suit your pet's needs. Moreover, it can be folded for easy storage or transport.

This product has so far received 5 stars from 86 percent of reviewers and 4 stars from the remaining 14 percent. One thing that a customer was hoping for is customizable settings.

Small Treadmill by DogTread

For those with small canine companions, DogTread offers its treadmill for dogs that measures 44 inches x 21 inches x 20 inches. The manufacturer attests that it can be set up in 5 minutes, and it can be stored and transported with ease. The package also includes a K9 Fitness Journal and 30-Day Training Program DVD.

Dog Treadmill for Small Dogs by PetZen

Another options for owners of small dogs is the dog treadmill by PetZen, which measures 44 inches x 20 inches x 21 inches. It can programmed to go at speeds from 0 to 5 mph at a distance and duration of your choice. It has a 1-step flipbar adjustment so you can adjust the angle of incline.

Majority of customers who left reviews gave this product a nod, although two of the primary complaints were about the packaging and assembly.

Treadwheel for Large Dogs by GoPet

If you want an exercise equipment that your large dog can use even when you're not at home, you can consider the treadwheel by GoPet. It looks like a hamster wheel but can support dogs of up to 150 pounds.

It has a surface mat so your dog won't slip and his paws are protected, and it has tension control so there is added resistance. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, and it also has a training door. The whole product measures 70 inches x 35 inches x 65 inches, while the running area measures 60 inches x 20 inches.

It might take some time for some dogs to understand what dog treadmills are for – they might need some coaxing at the beginning. Also, make sure to let your pet warm up before and cool down after using a treadmill and know his natural gait and the best speed for him. Moreover, it is never a good idea to tie your pet to the exercise equipment – using a dog or puppy treadmill should a positive experience for him.

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