Dog Umbrella – Keep Your Pet Dry in the Rain

A dog umbrella is not just a fancy accessory for your beloved pet. While it looks good and stylish, it also serves an important purpose: to protect your four-legged friend from the rain and snow.

There are many other advantages of having an umbrella for dogs, such as:

1. It allows you to maintain your regular walking regimen. After all, your dog needs his regular exercise and time outdoors. It will also keep you from making that proverbial "it's too wet to walk" excuse.

2. Because it keeps your dog from getting wet, you no longer have to wipe and blow-dry your his fur after your walk.

3. It prevents the build-up of that familiar unpleasant odor a wet dog tends to exude.

4. Also, he will no longer spread moisture in your home and furniture.

5. The umbrella also keeps your dog comfortable, and since he stays dry, it will keep him from feeling too cold due to wet fur.

If you are looking for an umbrella for dogs, here are some suggestions that you may find interesting:

Dog Umbrella/ Umbrella for Dogs

This dog umbrella by LesyPet provides good protection for dogs less than 19 inches long or less than 12 pounds. It looks like an umbrella that has been blown by the wind – the dome faces opposite the handle. This design allows you to conveniently hold the cane-like handle at one end of the 26-inch shaft while your dog is safely protected under the canopy at the other end.

Inside the 29-inch diameter canopy is an 8-inch built-in chain dog umbrella leash that you can attach to your pet's collar, which keeps him from leaving the protection of the umbrella. And because the PE film body is transparent, you can easily see what he is doing and he can see you and the things around him.

Many customers find the product very useful, cute, and convenient; however, some wrote in their reviews that the built-in dog umbrella harness is too short while others claimed their pets are terrified of the umbrella. The manufacturer does say that it may take some time for some dogs to become familiar with the product.

Dog Umbrella Hat and Raincoat

For those who would rather dress up their furry friends, there is the dog raincoat from Pushi Pushi. The waterproof poncho covers the dog's back while the hood, which can be folded back or detached, provides protection for the head.

The product is made with nylon shell and the inside has fleece lining. It has magnets for keeping the hood and coat in place, and the snap buttons make it convenient to remove or attach the hood. This dog raincoat comes in seven sizes, ranging from XXS (8 inches long) to XXL (25 inches long) so you can choose one that fits your pet.

So far, the product has made many dogs and owners happy. It has received generally positive reviews, although some customers said that their pets do not like the hood.

Dog Umbrella Raincoat

Another option for dog owners who are looking for something their pets can wear during those rainy days is the Slicker Yellow Raincoat by Fashion Pet. It is made of 100 percent polyester with waterproof PVC coating, This means your dog's body and head can stay dry even when it is pouring outdoors.

The raincoat, which comes in sizes from extra-small to double-extra-large, has a belly strap so you can adjust it to your pet's comfort. It also has an opening so you can attach a leash to his collar even when the hood is up.

A lot of customers are satisfied with their purchase, and complaints are mostly due to the sizing. Also, some have claimed that theirs tore quite easily.

Dog Umbrella Jacket

This raincoat from Auch is perfect for pet owners who want to cover not just their medium or large breed dog's body and head but also the legs. Because the jumpsuit covers everything except the paws, face, and tail, it can keep most of your furry friend's body dry.

The materials used are polyester and waterproof nylon, and the hood can be adjusted to your dog's comfort. And with the coat's green & black and red & black color combinations, any dog would look adorable in one of these.

There are a couple of things the manufacturer emphasizes: one, for owners to check their dog's measurements; and two, that there are two types of tags. For instance, one tag may say L-XS while another may say XL, although they are the same.

Customers are very happy with the material, although some complained about the size. Apparently, the ones they ordered did not fit their dogs perfectly.

If you want to keep your four-legged friend protected from the rain, then you might as well choose a dog umbrella or dog raincoat that not only does its job but also makes your dog look very stylish.

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