HabiTrail Cristal Hamster Habitat Review

If you are looking for an amazing habitat that is able to make your chubby pet really happy then I must say don't look past HabiTrail Cristal Hamster Habitat. It is a small caged that is designed to keep a hamster's comfort in center. It fulfills the need of a hamster’s natural instincts including exploring and hiding.

The habitat has many fascinating features yet it is offered at an affordable price. The best feature that I found is its modular design that you can expand it into a larger habitat anytime. Without any further delay, let's explore the product and its features:

Appearance and Design

  • Like many other cages, the inner infrastructure of HabiTrail Cristal Hamster Habitat is made up of a translucent and easy to see-through plastic that provides you a cheerful view of your hamster's activities.
  • The outer shell is made up of well-spaced bars. This allows you to keep an eye on your pet and facilitates daily cleaning without opening the cage. Additionally, the barred design ensures an optimal level of ventilation.

Size & Dimensions

The total floor area of the HabiTrail Cristal Hamster Habitat is 160 square inches. In specific, it sizes as 16” in width, 10” in depth and 9.5” in height.

As a general rule, the recommended floor area size for a hamster's habitat should be a minimum of 360 square inches but the HabiTrail Cristal Hamster Habitat is a modular product. It means you can expand its area by connecting some other accessories like tubes & tunnels. To expand the area, you can even connect two or more cages as well, meaning doubling or tripling the area.

The gap between the two cage bars is 0.5 inch wide. It prevents even the youngest hamster's falling out of the cage.

Exercise Wheel

HabiTrail Cristal Hamster Habitat is studded with a translucent wheel that has a cut to its right side. As the cut is on the side, your hamster doesn't get injured if he fells down while running.

Although the manufacturer claims it to be a noiseless wheel, it still makes some sound. Though the noise level is still acceptable, I do recommend keeping the cage in living room rather than bedroom.

Lofts and Doors

HabiTrail Cristal Hamster Habitat has a lookout deck supported with ladders. It acts as a balcony to the habitat. This ladder area allows the hamster to entertain himself by sliding. The stairs of the ladder are low in height and tightly placed. So either the hamster uses it as a ladder or a sliding slope, it won't injure him.

There is a large plastic door that has a secure door lock. Even if the hamster is out of your view, the door lock saves it from its predators or running out. This one is really important as where there a hamster finds a way, he runs rashly.

Food Dish and Water Bottle

The HabiTrail Cristal Hamster Habitat contains a food dish for daily feeding. The dish is easily detachable so as you can clean it every day and throw the leftover food.

A separate water bottle is added to the right side of the cage. No need to worry as the bottle is chew proof yet made up of a softer plastic so as it doesn't harm his teeth. As an additional tip, you can pour 2-3 drops of liquid vitamin in this water.

Material and Weight

To withstand against the hamster’s chewing habits, the manufacturer has uses a durable plastic with a slight mix of metal for the cage. The whole habitat is chew proof and would not harm the hamster's teeth.

The overall weight of the HabiTrail Cristal Hamster Habitat is 4.2 lbs. It means you can easily carry it with you and shift it to places in the house yet it’s heavy enough so as it doesn't dagger with hamster's maneuvers inside it.


· A modular design made up with visually pleasing orange and white color.

· Equips with all the basic facilities that a hamster needs.

· Easy cleaning. It has rounded corners that don’t let dirt to deposit.

· Provides greater visibility due to its translucent design.

· Compatible with other HabiTrail accessories so expanding the cage area is easy.


· As a standalone, the cage is very small in area. Accessories may be required for making it spacious.

· The plastic latches of the cage let the hamster to chew them to make an escape way. Fortunately it takes a lot many months to chew them completely and you can spot it much earlier by paying attention to such flaw.

· Although the bars spacing is tight enough to prevent hamsters from falling out, the spacing could not suit for small species like Roborovski hamsters.

· Running Wheel could become too noisy and unsuitable for large Syrian hamsters.

· Difficult to make grip on plastic staircases. It is more like a sliding slope.

Final Advice

This cage is obviously a better option for owners of dwarf hamsters than larger ones given the space is limited. If you are having a baby hamster, I would suggest HabiTrial Cristal as a starting cage as it’s affordable and it fulfills what a hamster needs in its habitat. Once your little flurry pet grows big, you can change to a spacious version and treat this one as travelling cage. You also have the option of extending HabiTrial by getting in other accessories and parts.

Look, a hamster is a very naughty creature and he bams with the walls, falls on the floor and in the balls and so on. This habitat is designed carefully, eliminating all the sharp edges so as the hamster is never injured. Moreover, a secure out-lock is given that makes it an extra secure habitat.

HabiTrail is a big name and a reputed manufacturer who has been serving the hamster-lovers community with its amazing product range. If you are scouring the internet to find a starting cage just go with HabiTrail Cristal and you will not be disappointed.



Habitrail Cristal Hamster Habitat
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