Habitrail Ovo Dwarf Hamster Habitat Review

Hamster is a creature with a playful nature. Domesticating a hamster is not as similar as domesticating any pet who just needs to be tied. If you have a hamster as a pet you need to provide him with an open and wide area to perform his manoeuvres. This creature is not born to be confined and needs to be nurtured with care. I know, it is not practical having a large room in a house for a hamster so I’m here is a ready-made alternative solution.

Habitrail Ovo Dwarf Hamster Habitat answers the need of hamster owners by giving the best of both worlds – it offers enough exercise rooms and yet doesn’t occupy too much of space. It is a modular cage system that has an initial compact size but can be extended to any size according to the space available at your home. It is widely recognized for its round, futuristic appearance and is manufactured in a looping manner that provides hours of adventures to your pet. The same can be used as a habitat to other creatures like mice or rodents but it is specifically designed to fit the lifestyle of hamsters.

Key Features

Habitrail Ovo Dwarf Hamster Habitat provides great visibility so you can monitor your critter from the outside. The habitat is accomplished with amazing combination of tubes and chambers that your hamster can explore and play with. This cage's design is centred around the natural burrowing instincts of your hammie. Let's look into different parts of the design in detail:

  • The Main Pod: This is the central and the biggest part of the habitat. All the other extensional arms are attached to this chamber in a simple twist and click manner. It has an opaque white bottom that is detachable from its lime green retractable roof. The roof is circular in shape and can be slid apart to open providing an easy way to put your hamster in and out.
  • The Side Pod: At the right side of the main pod, there is a small greenish blue cavern that is based on a twist and click system too. This portion can be used as hamster's sleeping area and you can set the bedding here.
  • Wheel: The habitat has a lime green and turquoise wheel that is large enough to support hamster's running. It is designed with low curves so as, in case, the hamster falls or suddenly stops, he is not injured. The wheeling section is detachable and can be used as a separate running ball.
  • Feeding Area: Dining set is set on the 2nd floor and the hamster has to climb the stairs to meet its food. There are basically 2 purposes for such design - first, you can easily detach it for cleaning and dumping the food crumbs without messing up with other portions. And second, the food is not littered throughout the habitat with hamster's manoeuvres. Additionally, you can also attach a Velcro to the opaque lime green stairs for easy climbing.
  • A Small Den: There exists a cobalt blue cozy hideaway under the food dish that makes the hamster feel as close to its natural habitat as possible. This is a dark and hardly visible area of the habitat yet can be detached by pulling outwards for easy cleaning.
  • Water Bottle: The habitat contains a greenish lime water bottle to satisfy the hamster's thirst. You can easily drain the water from under the habitat and refill the water from top of it. Very user friendly design.
  • Tubes: Tube for you but tunnels for the hamster. This is the best feature of Habitrail Ovo Dwarf Hamster Habitat. There are two 8” tubes that are clicked together to form a tunnel. These tubes have small ridges along its walls so the hamster can climb up or down easily without falling.
  • Size and Weight- The total weight of Habitrail Ovo Dwarf Hamster Habitat is approximately 5.8 ounces. Its dimensions are Depth 12”, Width 14” and Depth 12”
  • Additional Features- The cage has a Habitrail OVO Pad, 2 Habitrail Mini Elbows, 4 Habitrail Mini Tees, 3 OVO Windows and 12 Habitrail OVO lime green Lock Connectors


  • Its modular design is easily expandable to meet the needs of your hamsters and yourself.
  • A simple and fascinating design that provides spacious playing environment to your little critter.
  • Easily dissectible, making your daily spot cleaning a joy. It can be re-assembled with the same ease as well.
  • Its modular construction allows you to change the habitat design in a whim.
  • The components made of clear glass material offering high visibility so you can monitor the hamster and let her enjoys her exercising inside.
  • The collection of tunnels, connectors and accessories combines together to give hamsters its nature-looking habitat.
  • The main pod and side pods provide sufficient ventilation.
  • Great design with reasonable pricing.


  • You have to read the user manual again after dissecting all parts (particular when you plan to do thorough cleaning).
  • The product can be expanded further but parts can be expensive.
  • The tubes themselves contain no air-holes thus causing insufficient air-flow inside the tube area. That’s the reason why some people use the system as an add-on instead of a standalone cage
  • You need to be extra careful in handling the cage since it is plastic-made and will damage if hit with some other object.


Overall, I was amazed with the design and I have high satisfaction using the Habitrail Ovo Dwarf Hamster Habitat myself. Like a lot of other hamster owners, I’m using Habitrail Ovo on top of the DIY hamster cage I built myself. This colourful ‘playpen’ is now one of my hammie’s favourite hangout place, and so I couldn’t help to look into other expandable from Habitrail. If you are looking for a habitat for your hamster and your purpose is to find him a home close to his natural lifestyle or a play area to burn his energy then this product is a no-brainer.

Here are other HabiTrail products that you can consider as extension and I’m sure your hammie will love them.

The manufacturer has not only crafted this product with a useful and spacious design but the habitat is also studded with great aesthetic appearance. Moreover, the brand reputation is crucial to check before buying any product. HabiTrail is a reputed brand and has track record of manufacturing and supplying quality products. You can confidently bet on HabiTrail's products.

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