Hamster Cages

Hamster Cages

Does your hamster have a cage? Hamster cages come in different sizes, designs and prices. Depending on the buyer’s choices and preferences, he/she has to consider some factors. Such factors include room space, suitability of the constructed cage so that they cannot run away or get harmed, proper ventilation to prevent suffocation and ease to clean. Here are some good quality hamsters cages that you need to think of in case you want a cage for your hamster.

Habitrail OVO Dwarf Hamster Habitat

This type of cage is built with the use of high quality materials. It has the best visibility for pets and a good set of channels and compartments for the hamsters. The cage is made approximately 76cm long, 28cm wide and 55cm high.

The Ovo Dwarf Hamster cage is made specifically to provide an environment that best suits mice and hamsters that display characteristics of dwarfism. It also provides increased access points that enable people to interact with the pets due to the widespread arrangement of the tubes and connector facilities. Ovo Dwarf Hamster Habitat has an open area large enough that allows the pets to play and do all the activities that rodents do when they are not eating. It can be made with ease and maintaining cleanliness is very easy.

The construction of this cage is done in a way which takes into consideration the playing requirements of the rodents while at the same time the availability of the building materials make the whole process of building the cage so enjoyable and easy. The technology used, known as lock connectors, enables faster assembly and connection of the materials.

Ovo Dwarf Hamster has a very fascinating construction that includes a bottle that contains water, a hideaway, a container or a dish where food can be placed.


  • Easy construction and simple to clean
  • Has many access points giving you an increased interaction with your hamster
  • Its clear glass provides increased pet visibility.
  • It has trails that are compatible with other habitat parts


  • It cannot hold medium or larger species of the hamster comfortably


It is every parent’s desire to see his/her pet growing healthy and playful. The Ovo Dwarf Hamster cage is designed specifically for this as it provides the best environment for your mice and hamsters to grow and play at your watch.

Penn-plax Here & There & Everywhere Hamster Home & Traveler Cage SAM450

This is a very attractive multicolored cage is suited for your dwarf hamsters. It is a small pet containment, attractive in nature and that is safe, easy to use and transport and measures 16.5 inches long, 11.1 inches wide and 7 inches high. It is approximately 5.35 pound in weight. The small size and light weight make the kit convenient for any movement. One admirable feature of this cage is that it has two levels of fun.

This gives you an advantage as you can contain two hamsters in one kit. The kit also comes with a bule-toob elevator, feeding dish, locking door and water bottle. This kit is the most perfect for beginners as it includes a hide-out, bluff, salt lick and soft tip brush.


  • Improved detachable design makes it easy to be assembled and cleaned.
  • It has enhanced door locks that offer easy access
  • It allows other connectible accessories to be added hence it can be easily expanded
  • Enough space
  • The clear plastic is easier to see through


You probably would not want to see your pet look lonely.  With the two level fun, the Penn-plax Here and There & Everywhere Hamster Home & Traveler Cage allows you to accommodate two dwarf hamsters in one kit.

JW Petville Roll-A-Coaster Small Animal Habitat

This two level multi colored attractive habitat is perfect for small animals like mice, hamsters of all sizes and gerbils.  It is designed with a unique pop up that allows your pet to hide and play hence stimulating the natural environment. Indeed, this kit gives your pet the excitement and thrill of being entertained and active.

Furthermore, the JW Petville Roll-A-Coaster Small Animal Habitat is very attractive and filled with cool features like the special wheel, tubes and look out windows. All these make the cage attractive in any room. The durable design of this cage can allow it to withstand a lot of play from the hamster or any other pet.

The most admirable and distinctive features of this habitat is the special gliding wheel. The wheel glides back and forth down its track ensuring your pet has fun. The ridges in the climbing tube make it easy for the pet to climb up into the petting pod or to the lookout window.

Apart from the petting pod serving the normal purpose of recreation for your pet, it also acts as a holding area for your pet during transportation or cleaning. It is a fact that pets sometimes need rest; they cannot run and have fun throughout the day.

For this reason, the JW Petville Roll-A-Coaster Small Animal Habitat was designed with a loft that provides a room for rest and relaxation.


  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • It is the best to keep your pet happy as it gives a space for your hamster to exercise
  • It can help improve your children’s affection for pets as they would be attracted by how the hamsters play inside the cage
  • It puts into consideration the fact that pets need to rest too


  • It is too small to contain big species of hamsters or more than one hamster


If you want your pet to remain happy, then engage with it. The JW Petville Roll-A-Coaster Small Animal Habitat is the perfect cage that will allow you to engage and interact with your pet. This will give your pet a happy experience.


If you are looking for the best in quality material and design for your pet, don’t settle for anything less than the Habitrail Ovo Dwarf Hamster. However, remember your children also deserve to enjoy the fun that your pet gives you.

To do this, you need nothing but JW Petville Roll-A-Coaster habitat. Despite their small size, these cages allow room to be connected to another cage, therefore you have no reason to worry if you have more than one pet.

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