Heavy Duty Dog Strollers For Large / Multiple Dogs

Dog strollers are getting more and more popular among pet owners, and it’s no longer confined to the use by small breeds. With new design and technology, there are a lot more high quality sturdy options for pet owners who want one for their larger dogs, or one that can fit multiple dogs at the same time.

You may only treat the dog stroller a temporary tool when your flurry friends have mobility difficulty (e.g. injured or sick), but it’s still recommended to get a heavy duty dog stroller if your pet is of bigger built, as we all know, dogs may get overly excited when they’re outside being stimulated by objects from all around.

In this article, I’ve highlighted 4 heavy duty large dog strollers of different specific functioning for you to consider.

HPZ Pet Rover Premium Heavy Duty Dog Stroller

HPZ Pet Rover is a roomy dog stroller with tons of features. First it has a one-hand mechanism that allows you to quickly fold and unfold the stroller in a second. The 360-degree rotating wheels guarantee only smooth rides and the 3 sizes (S, M & L) just suit the need of any dog breeds.

Customers love HPZ and they find the extra-thick heavy duty frame very durable. The mesh top cover is made of high-density odorless and UV-reflective material. Some users simply change the size of the internal compartments to hold a few pets at the same time.

HPZ Pet Rover also comes with a large-volume under basket, three accessory bags and a bottle holder, so there is enough storage space when you travel or shop with your flurry friend.

Pet Gear No-Zip NV Pet Stroller, Zipperless Entry

Pet Gear No-Zip NV Pet Stroller is a special edition, with no-zip technology that allows you to easily gain access to your pet without fumbling with difficult zippers. It features an elevated paw rest so your pet can easily look out of the stroller by using the front bar for support. You can navigate over rough terrain using this stroller with ease, thanks to the front locking wheel and air ties design.

Pet Gear No-zip Pet Stroller comes in 4 color designs and can hold pets up to 70 pounds. For a wider choice in color and design, you can also consider Pet Gear No-zip Jogger Pet Stroller with similar feature & functions. 

Booyah Dog Stroller & Pet Bike Trailer and with Suspension

Are you looking for a pet stroller that will get you a head turn? If yes, Booyah Dog Stroller is surely what you are looking for.

Booyah Dog Stroller is famous not only for its look, but also how you can use it as stroller and bike trailer so you don’t need to purchase trailer kit separately. This dog stroller is also very sturdy and requires almost zero assembly. A little bigger than baby stroller, some customers mentioned that Booyah is a little heavier than expected, which at the same time reflects its sturdiness and well-built structure.

This product has got almost perfect scoring from all people who purchased it.

Pawhut Four Wheel Dog Stroller

Unlike Booyah that are strong and heavy, Pawhut is more suitable for woman as it’s durable yet in lightweight. The 2 front universal wheels and 2 back directional wheels make the stroller super easy to control. It also comes with skylight rain hood and ventilated mesh window screen for secure protection. I choose to highlight Pawhut Four Wheel Dog Stroller since personally I find it the best and most easy to use for women.

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