What To Feed Your Hedgehog? Hedgehog Food Checklist

Feeding your hedgehog with the best type of food is one of your biggest responsibilities as a pet owner. Before buying any types of food, it is a must that you find information about its contents and nutritional benefits first.

Here are some examples of hedgehog food, as well as tips on how to know if you’ve already found the right one for your pet.

Cat food for hedgehogs

Hedgehogs typically consume dry cat food (non-fish) or pellets on a regular basis. There are tons of brand options that you can choose from at various pet and online stores.

However, the best cat food for hedgehogs is the one that is packed with protein. Top flavors include meat or chicken.

Bear in mind that cat food for hedgehogs should always be included as part of your pet’s diet, but their portion should always be regulated.

Fruits and vegetables

Hedgehogs should also eat fruits and vegetables on a regular basis. Some examples include corn, apples, grapes, carrots, beans and peas. Bear in mind that fruits and vegetables should be given to hedgehogs in very small amounts.

Insects, crickets, treats

Just like dogs and cats, hedgehogs are also fond of eating treats. Some of the top treats for hedgehogs include crickets and insects. Other treats may also come in the form of eggs, chicken and burger patties.


Clean water should always be available for hedgehogs to drink and that's why a lot of hedgehog owners will keep a water dish or bottle in the hedgehog cage. Their consumption of water depends on the pet’s level of thirst.  

Hedgehog diet

Hedgehogs may also love the taste of the 8-in-1 Ultra-Blend Select hedgehog diet that was designed to provide the pets with optimum health.

This type of food contains high levels of animal proteins and amino acids that are a must so hedgehogs can have balanced nutrition. Additionally, the 8 in 1 hedgehog food is also fortified with vitamins and minerals.

Homemade hedgehog food

If you are the type of hedgehog owner who wants to make sure that all ingredients used in your pet’s food is safe; making your own mix at home could be your best bet.

For instance, all you need to have are thin-sliced liver that are cut into small cubes, as well as frozen peas. Mix and fry the liver and vegetables in a small amount of olive oil and wait until it’s cooked.

Give it a few minutes to cool down and then feed it to your hedgehog.

You can also play around with other homemade recipes by simply mixing the ingredients that are good for hedgehogs together.

Where to buy hedgehog food?

You can buy hedgehog food at pet stores or online stores. Most of the ingredients for homemade recipes may also be purchased at the grocery store.

How to know if you’re feeding your hedgehog with the best food?

One of the most obvious indications that you are feeding best hedgehog food to your pet is if their health is in tip-top shape.

Your hedgehog’s weight should be regulated, the body shouldn’t be very thin or fat and the pet should also be very active.

Additionally, the hedgehog shouldn’t also be sickly and should have the appetite to eat regularly.

Finding the best food for hedgehogs may seem like a daunting task, but it actually isn’t. All you need is the right mindset when choosing the best food for your pet.

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