Hedgehog Supplies List: Everything You Need to Know About Supplies for Hedgehog

Hedgehogs are ideal pets for both children and adults not only because they are adorable. They are also perfect because they do not require high maintenance.

As long as the hedgehog has everything he needs to survive, pet owners need not worry about round-a-clock checking, feeding and cleaning.

After buying any types of hedgehog breed and getting a hedgehog cage, you also need to check out the following hedgehog pet supplies that are necessary to keep your lovely pet healthy and happy.

Bedding for Hedgehogs

Just like most types of home pets, hedgehogs need a safe and clean bed to sleep on. Whether it is hedgehog cage liners or hedgehog fleece fabric, choosing one that is non-toxic, absorbent and acquires the lowest amount of dust is most important. Hedgehog fabric liners are good because they are reusable and safe for use. Fleece bedding is also very light so the hedgehog may easily hide under it when necessary. It’s good choice for people who love some DIY works but not for those who hate extra washing.

Amongst the several different options available, the best bedding for hedgehogs we find are Aspen bedding, pelleted paper or shredded newspaper. They are very commonly used and are highly recommended by hedgehog owners. Aspen shavings are the safest to use and are the only phenol-free shavings available. Simply bear in mind that if you are not using hedgehog fleece fabric or cage liners, you will want a cage with a base several inches deep so that the shavings don’t spill out everywhere.

Warning: don’t use wooden liners for your hedgehog’s home because it may contain harmful chemicals that could poison the pet.

Hedgehog litter box

Just like cats, hedgehogs also need to have their own litter box. This small box should be placed in the cage and should be used by the hedgehog when peeing and pooping.

However, hedgehogs also need to be trained to use the litter box first. Before buying any type of toys, pet owners should first focus on litter training their pets.

When it comes to looking for the best litter for hedgehog, bear in mind that almost any type of three or four-sided container may suffice. Some pet owners use scrap boxes, igloos and the like.

Hedgehog water bottle

Hedgehogs also need to have an unlimited supply of clean and fresh water that they can consume regularly.

All cages and homes for hedgehogs need to have a water bottle that they can easily access.

Typically, the bottle is attached to the grills of the cage. Other options include plastic containers that are positioned on top of the bedding and that can also be reached by the hedgehog any time of the day.

Hedgehog food bowls

Hedgehogs also need to have good-quality food on a regular basis and this should be placed in their designated food bowl. (Click here to read what food we you can feed your pet and find out the best hedgehog food)

Some types of hedgehog food bowls include ceramic bowls, stainless steel cups or bowls, corner feeding dish, plastic food bowls and the double feed dish.

To lessen the mess when feeding the hedgehog, a no mess feeding station may also be installed inside the cage.

Heat lamp or heating pad for hedgehogs

Hedgehogs need to be kept warm at all times, but not all sources of heat are ideal for use among these types of pets.

A ceramic heat emitter for hedgehog is a popular option because it guarantees length of use. Since it is made from ceramic materials, it can last for several months or even years.

However, the downside to this type of warmer is that it needs to be plugged to the socket over long periods of time. This can be dangerous for hedgehogs because it makes them more prone to certain types of circuit-related accidents.

The hedgehog heating pad, on the other hand, is the most popular type of warmer for hedgehogs because they don’t need to be plugged to the socket.

A hedgehog heating lamp may also be used by hedgehogs since they simply need to be placed on top or very close to the cage to make the pet feel warm.

Hedgehog toys

After you’ve completed buying some of the most important hedgehog pet supplies, it’s now time to buy toys for your pet.

One of most common types of toys for hedgehogs includes the hedgehog wheel. This type of toy comes in many different types, colors and sizes. Two of the most popular variants are made from stainless steel or plastic materials.

When it comes to size, bear in mind that the wheel should perfectly fit the cage of the hedgehog. Don’t buy wheels that are either too big or too small for your pet.

At the end of the day, the hedgehog running wheels are also used for exercising so they need to be safe for use and should always be in good condition as well.

Other than the wheels, hedgehogs also love playing with small plastic balls that they can chase and roll around in their cage.

Small stuffed animals, hideouts, toilet paper tubes, exercise balls and the like are other types of good toys for hedgehog that you can also give to your pet. Read our detail recommendation here.

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