How to Choose the Best Dog Crate for Car

Traveling with your pets can be very exciting if you know how to keep them safe and secured throughout the entire journey.

Unlike human beings that can sit still and use the seatbelt, your furry friends need an extra ounce of protection when traveling.

This is the very reason why a dog crate for car is a must-have for pet owners like you.

Benefits of using a dog crate

Having a dog crate in your car can provide tons of benefits not only for your pets, but also for yourself.

Since crates bring about a natural sense of security for pets, some dogs adjust to it very well.

While inside the dog crate for car, your pet isn’t only kept safe and secured; he or she also learns the importance of being disciplined.

Since a crate is relatively smaller in size compared to the passenger seat of the car, the dog is taught the value of having its own personal space.

Additionally, owning a crate and using one when traveling guarantees that mess and stains could be limited, if not completely eradicated.

However, before putting your dog inside the crate, make it a point to introduce your pet to its temporary home first.

You may do so by throwing a treat into the crate so the dog will be encouraged to go inside and pick it up.

Do this repeatedly and your dog will certainly adjust to the crate in no time.

Disadvantages of using a dog crate

If there are benefits to owning and using a dog crate, there are also some disadvantages to it.

For instance, some dogs takes a longer time to adjust to crates especially if they’re used to just sitting in the car when they’re traveling with their pet owners.

When the dog is suddenly placed inside a crate without proper introduction, it’s more likely that they will feel punished than secured.

Also, some owners think that it’s cruel to put their pets inside their crate when traveling because it seems like they are keeping them in jail.

However, when the dog starts to make a mess in the car, that’s when some pet owners realize that it is indeed necessary to buy one.

How to select the best dog crate for your pets

Types of crate

Dog crates are made from different types of materials, so it is best that you take some time in choosing one.

Fabric crates for instance are ideal for short travels, camping and sporting events because they are easy to transport. This type of crate is also best used among pets that are already well-trained.

Plastic or wire crates, on the other hand, are more durable types of dog crate for car. They are also much bigger in terms of size and can guarantee more safety and security for pets.

Lastly, there are also some dog crates that can be customized to match your home or bedroom décor. However, bear in mind that these types of dog carriers are more expensive compared to the rest.

Size of crate

After you’ve selected the type of crate to bring with you on your next travel, it’s now time to make a decision regarding its size.

Realistically speaking, the size of your crate should depend on two most important things: the size of your car and the size of your dog.

At the end of the day, choose a crate that is just the right size so your dog will have enough space for sleeping and moving around.

Remember too that peeing and pooping while on the road could be very daunting for dogs so you need to give them enough area to do so.

How to make the dog crate comfortable for your pets

After you’ve picked out a dog crate, it’s now time to find ways on how to make your pet comfortable in it.

If your crate is made from metal wires or plastic, make sure to add towels or any kind of cloth inside to ensure that your pet will have a restful sleep.

You may also add newspapers and other pieces of old clothing that can help absorb your pet’s pee throughout your road trip.

Lastly, you can also cover the crate with a thin piece of cloth if your pet needs some privacy while traveling.

Dog crate brands and products

Here are some suggestions for dog crate brands:

· Pet Gear’s Auto Pet Barrier in 32 inches – This type of dog crate for car is typically placed in the compartment area of the vehicle. The product is sold at for $68.70. It also comes with a storage bag and guarantees easy installation and portability.

· Petego Pet Tube Kennel – This type of dog crate is typically installed in the passenger seat area of the car. It is made out of durable and claw-proof fabric and comes in two different sizes. The larger variant can be adjusted to become smaller in size depending on your needs. It is available at for $129.50.

· Petnation Pet Home – This type of dog crate can be used both indoor and outdoor. It is durable, lightweight and is made with tightly weaved mesh fabric. The product also comes in different sizes, such as, 16-inches, 20-inches, 24-inches, 28-inches, 32-inches and 36-inches. The prices start at $15.35 to $59.99 on

· Cool Runners Pro Dog Crate in Aluminum – If budget is not an issue for you, this pet travel crate could be a good option. It is made from sturdy aluminum materials that prevent rusting and rattling. It is also perfect for SUVs and can be used by medium-sized or large-sized dogs. Each crate costs $299.99 on

Now that you have some options for specific types of dog crate for car, what more are you still waiting for? Make sure to find the best pet crate right now so you can start training your dog on how to use it properly.

When you do, it is almost 100 percent guaranteed that your travel experience on the road with your furry best friend will be fun, peaceful and truly memorable.

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