Kaytee Critter Trail Two Level Habitat Review

Kaytee Critter Trail two-level habitat is another popular cage recommended by hamster owners. Not only is it suitable for the basic needs of a hamster, it has a 2-story infrastructure that utilizes the same space twice. This design serves two purposes - it can be placed on a small bench and being a double story, it provides your hamster two living areas. Read on for details to understand why you and your hamster will love it.

As hamster owners, I’m sure you agree that space always come first in mind when choosing the best cage. But in fact, the variety offered by the structure is of equal importance since hamsters need to be kept busy all day. The Kaytee Critter Trail is designed with these 2 key factors in mind and hence your lovely ones will surely have plenty of enjoyable time in it.

Appearance and Design

The Kaytee Critter Trail, an all-inclusive enclosure, is a safe and easy to maintain cage. The whole living area of the cage is enclosed on four sides with wires and translucent plastic. The cage is designed so that, at all times, you have a view of his every activity. At the same time, it ensures good ventilation for your hammie’s healthy well-being.

Funnels and Shelves

The Kaytee Critter Trail has 3 corrugated blue funnels/tubes that allow the little chubby to climb up or down and access the whole cage. Besides, two of the funnels lead up to the two comfort red shelves which are perched on either side of the cage and above the running wheel. These red shelves are the bedding and petting areas.

Exercise Wheel & Doors

The Kaytee Critter Trail provides a safe and silent exercise wheel, a good add on for your hamster to spend his playtime. For pet owners who keep the cage in bedroom, the noise level of wheel is a crucial consideration since hamsters are active not only in day-time, but at night when you want to have some quietness.

The entrance to both upper and lower level is provided through the accessing doors. The hamster has to use these doors otherwise he can't roam between the two levels. Such a pathway is designed so as your pet doesn't fall or get injured between the levels.

Feeding Dish and Water Bottle

The Kaytee Critter Trail comprises a removable food dish to serve your hamster’s diet. It can be cleaned regularly by detaching it from the cage for your dumping of the leftover food crumbs. Also, there is a drip-resistant water bottle to supply liquid form of feeding such as water. What I liked most is, although the water bottle is non-chewable, it is made with very soft plastic. Even if your hamster is able to rake a bit and chew, it won't affect his health.

Size and Weight

The Kaytee Critter two-level Habitat is approx. 10.5 inches in length, 16 inches in breadth and 16 inches in height. The spacing between two wires is approx. 6mm that makes it ideal for a small hamster’s fragile paws. The total weight of the cage is 5.9 pounds that is easy to carry and be shifted between places.

Material Used

This cage is constructed with sturdy wires and durable plastics. The material is non-chewable yet soft enough so it doesn't harm a hamsters teeth. The floor of the habitat is scratch-proof. Additionally, the plastic used to make the habitat is stain-proof and odour-resistant.

Additional Information

The Kaytee Critter Trail is compatible with all other Critter Trail Accessories and you can attach new parts to any of its six access points. These 6 access points are independent to each other. So you can plan either to expand the whole habitat or just a particular area of the cage. What appeals the most to me is its separate bedding area. It is easy for the bedding area to get dirty, making the cage wearing out earlier than it should. But for Kaytee’s cage, if that happens, you can simply replace the bedding shelf with a new one.

Below I’ve summarized things I like and don’t like about the cage.


· It has a modular design so you can expand it to a bigger habitat.

· The feeding zone is easily removable. It doesn't require that you open the cage to feed your hamster.

· The barred design is suitable for facilitating the ventilation.

· Easy to clean and dries up quickly.

· Manufactured with “Super Protect” concept. “Super Protect” is company's set of standards to make the habitat a healthier and safer place for the hamster.

· Compatible with other CritterTrail accessories.

· Provides security with enhanced door locks.

· Easy to detach and assemble. A well-illustrated and detailed user manual is available with the product explaining how to detach and reassemble the habitat without causing any damage.

· Spacing of the bar is set to suit even the smallest hamsters.

· Bedding tray is easy to replace. Additional, the bedding tray is not fixed. It is adjustable. You can shift it to add more tunnels.


· Plastic plugs can be chewed by hamster to make an escape route.

· Hamster can get stuck between the shelf and the rolling wheel when they get the way up to the shelves, and it takes few days for hamster to adjust to his new home.

· Owner has to be careful not to hit the cage on hard objects or else the plastic may break.

Final Advice

Well, if I were you and have a domesticated hamster, I don't see any reason for not trying Kaytee Critter Trail Two Level Habitat. As it fulfills every requirement like a safe and healthy environment, a spacious design, two upper and lower living areas that gives a sense of variety to it and a visually pleasing appearance. Also, the Super Protect technology built into the plastics provides healthier surroundings. It is made with complete due and care that fits with all hamster’s requirements.


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