King Komb Review: Shedding Brush for Your Dog

Brushing your dog should be part of his daily care routine. This is not just to maintain his appearance, it is also to keep him healthy. For this job, there is the King Komb dog brush, a particularly useful product for grooming your canine companion.

Why Brush Your Dog?

Brushing removes dirt, debris, dander, and loose hair from your dog's coat. For long-haired breeds, it keeps the fur from tangling and matting. It also give it a glossier, healthier sheen since brushing helps bring out his fur's natural oil and spreads it all over. It aerates his fur, too.

You'll find that brushing minimizes loose hair from getting all over your house and furniture. You'll also be able to monitor the health of your dog's skin while grabbing the time to bond together.

Here are two King Kanine King Komb dog brush options that you can choose from:

King Komb 3 Blade Brush with Rubber Bristles

If you want a dog brush that's gentle on your pet's fur and skin, then you can opt for the King Komb 3-Blade Brush. The rubber bristles on one side will leave his fur shiny and healthy, whether he has a single coat or double coat. It can be used on any breed, be it small, medium, or large.

The shedding comb on the other side has three non-cutting edge blades made of stainless steel that do not cut nor pull out or tear healthy hair. With the product's rounded design, it will fit comfortably in your hand and since it's handle-less, your dog will stay calm during the process.

Some customers wrote in their King Komb reviews that their dogs love getting brushed with it, unlike before when they would run away. This brush can also be used for lathering shampoo. However, other owners said it didn't work for them.

King Komb Plus Yellow and Pink Combo

This is like the previous item, but the package comes with two King Komb dog brushes: one pink and one yellow. Each one as 3 stainless steel non-cutting blades that are meant to help shed and remove loose hair from your dog, which would otherwise go to your furniture and all over the house.

To use, you only have to hold it on your hand and brush with short strokes to remove your dog's loose hair. It is easy to hold because it is rounded like a tube and has no handle. The other side has rubber bristles that can be used for lathering shampoo and massaging.

King Kanine, the King Komb manufacturer, says the product is groomer-approved and they have a money-back guarantee for customers who are not satisfied with the product.

Brushing your dog regularly allows you to keep an eye on his fur and skin. You'll be able to find early signs of ticks and fleas before they spread all over your pet and your house. You'll also prevent matting – brushing matted fur can be painful for him.

Remember to choose a brush that is gentle yet effective so he would look forward for grooming – and bonding – time!

In case you would like to compare King Komb with another similar product the FURminator, the video below is a good reference.

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