What are other dog lounger options besides the Kong Lounger Dog Bed?

People who bought Kong lounger dog beds love that they are durable, chew resistant, washable, and that they come in different colors to fit different home designs. Other pet owners might be looking for a product that is as durable, as comfortable and as good but costs less. Here are some alternative dog lounger beds to choose from:

Ultimate Pet Bed & Lounge from PetFusion

For owners who want a dog bed that’s not just comfortable but also good for their pet’s health, there is the PetFusion Ultimate Dog Lounge. Its main feature is the memory foam that helps in reducing joint pains and improving energy. It also has support bolsters aka couch arms stuffed with recycled green polyfill on which the dog can rest its head on.

Apart from providing comfort for your dog, you will also find the bed relatively easy to maintain since the tear and water resistant cover, made of polyester and cotton, can be removed and machine washed. Additional covers are also available for purchase, sold separately.

This dog lounger comes in three sizes: small, which measures 25 inches x 20 inches x 5.5 inches with 2-inch memory foam base (the sleeping area is 21 inches x 16 inches); large, measuring 36 inches x 28 inches x 9 inches (30 inches x 22 inches inside) with a 4-inch memory foam base; and extra-large, with 44 inches x 34 inches x 10 inches dimensions (36 inches x 26 inches inside) and a 4-inch memory foam base.

So far, it has received generally positive reviews from customers, mostly because it is thick and plush, but several complained about the zipper and some tears.

Heavy Duty Microsuede Whole Bed by Blueberry Pet

Another option that would look also look good in your home is the Blueberry Pet dog bed. The cover, which comes in attractive color combinations of red/beige and blue/beige, is made of scratch resistant microsuede fabric and can be removed for machine washing.

The bed is stuffed with microfiber that is eco-friendly and recyclable, and it comes with a matching bone-shaped pillow. There are two sizes available: 34 inches x 24 inches x 12 inches (23 inches x 15 inches x 6 inches inside); and 25 inches x 21 inches x 10 inches (14 inches x 11.5 inches x 5.5. inches inside).

So far, many customers and their respective pets are happy with the product. Others, however, were disappointed because they either found the size too small or because their dog chewed up the bed.

Simmons Beautyrest Collosal Premium Dog Bed by R2P Group

Dogs need comfort, especially if they are experiencing joint pains, and an orthopedic bed is one way to provide them with the support they need when they lie down to rest. The Beautyrest Collosal dog bed’s memory foam follows the contours of your dog’s body so they can curl up comfortably.

This product is designed like a couch, and the bolsters provide a place where they can rest their head on or curl up in. It is also non-skid so it will remain in place even if your floor is slippery.

This orthopedic dog bed comes in three sizes: small, which measures 30 inches x 24 inches x 7 inches (24 inches x 16 inches inside); medium, measuring 36 inches x 26 inches x 7 inches (31 inches x 23 inches inside); and large, measuring 42 inches x 36 inches x 10 inches (37 inches x 31 inches inside).

This product got many positive reviews, but some customers found it smaller than they expected.

Orthopedic Quilted Counch by Serta

This dog couch, which comes in mocha, blue or tan, has a 4.5-inch orthopedic egg crate foam that can provide support and comfort for any tired canine, and, for the owner, the cover can be removed for washing.

Many customers who bought the product are happy with their purchase, although some were disappointed for a variety of reasons, such as size and tears.

Orthopedic Dog Bed by Barksbar

Another option for pet owners who have medium to large dogs is the Barksbar orthopedic dog bed. The bolsters look plush so your pet can comfortably rest its head on it or curl up and snuggle.

The exterior is made of polyester in quilted design and the base is made with 4-inch orthopedic memory foam. The bottom, meanwhile, has non-slip rubber to keep it in place even on relatively slippery floors. It is also machine washable for easy cleaning.

The bed measures 40 inches x 30 inches x 10 inches and the manufacturer says it can easily accommodate dogs of up to 100 pounds.

Thus far, a lot of customers are happy with the product since their dogs find it comfortable to sleep in, but a few said that their pets tore into it after only a few days.

A few reminders before buying a dog bed: check if the size would be suited for your dog as well as the space in your home; and when looking at the dimensions, look for the size of the sleeping area, excluding the bolsters. Also, check the product – any product – for any manufacture or shipping damage, just in case. Finally, it helps to read kong lounger dog bed reviews from verified purchasers to find out other consumers' experiences with the item.

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