Largest Rabbit Cages Review

Rabbits need lots of space to move around and play so they would enjoy the largest rabbit cage that you can provide them. There’s no doubt that you want your bunny or bunnies to have the best home they can have in your care, but it can be difficult to choose, that’s why we made this list to help you select from the options available in market.

Whether you have one or multiple rabbits, it’s important that they have the proper habitat for them to be happy and healthy. According to the rabbit rescue organization House Rabbit Resource Network, the more time your pet needs to stay in a cage, the larger the enclosure should be. The rule of thumb that the organization gave, if you have to leave your pet in the cage for a good part of the day, is one square foot for every pound of rabbit. suggests that the cage should be four times the size of the rabbit. Also, the more rabbits you have, the more space is needed.

Your choice of rabbit cage also depends on whether you want to put it outdoors or indoors. In general, it would be best to have a cage inside the house but also provide them with a place to play outside. Keeping your pets outdoors all the time pose the risk of predators like cats and foxes getting to them, especially at night or when no one is looking. And even if the outdoor hutch is well-built and sturdy, the presence of predatory animals would scare your bunnies, which could result in heart attack.

Whether you intend to place your rabbit’s habitat indoors or outdoors, there are available products for you. However, it can be quite a hassle to have to check each item in Amazon’s listing. So, to help you with your search, we have listed down five of the biggest rabbit enclosures available in the online store, including their dimensions and some features, as well as some of the impressions of other customers who have already bought the products.

Rabbit Cage by Ferplast

One the largest rabbit cage models available, it measures 63.8 inches x 23.6 inches x 19.7 inches. It is made of metal grills with plastic underneath. It also comes with a feeding bowl, a water bottle, and a hay feeder. Moreover, if your pet is nesting, there is an extension for the cage that can be attached to the main living area. By using the divider, you can separate your female rabbit and her babies from the male.

Satisfied customers mostly like the size and the space it provides their pets though some may find it difficult to set up.

62-Inch Rabbit Hutch by Confidence

This giant rabbit hutch, which can also be used as a chicken coop, is a good option if you want to keep your bunnies outdoors. The wooden house is elevated and below it is an area enclosed with steel wire for your pets to run around. Its overall size is 62 inches x 24 inches x 29.5 inches.

Among the things that customers like about the product is its quality and the ease in setting it up. One was even able to customize their rabbits’ hutch by putting three together. The top-opening roof is also convenient when taking the bunnies out.

One thing to note is that some customers said the wood is rather soft and because the running area has no floor, it can be messy when placed in the garage or indoors.

Wood House Rabbit Hutch Outdoor Run by Merax

Similar to the Confidence rabbit hutch, this one also has an elevated wooden house and space for your rabbits to run around, which is enclosed with mesh wire. This also has no flooring, so it’s best for outdoor use. Although not the largest rabbit hutch, it still measures 56 inches x 25.6 inches x 39 inches, and there are multiple openings so you can easily reach in.

This product has been praised for the easy setup process, and several customers bought more than one. Some may prefer to have an opening at the top, yet this hutch is rated highly by satisfied users.

Rabbit Hutch with Outdoor Run and Wheels by TRIXIE

Like the previous two products, this, too, has a house and outdoor run. It measures 78 inches x 45 inches x 32 inches. The house has a divider and the roof can be opened on one side. Moreover, there is an attic, the floor of which can be removed, and it has two wheels so the whole hutch can be moved around more easily.

In general, customers are happy with this product, although they said that setting it up required more than one pair of hands.

Outdoor Rabbit Hutch by Petsfit

This is a spacious cage for your rabbits if you keep them outdoors. The little house, made of cedar, is 15.5 inches x 18 inches x 22 inches and the whole enclosure, including the house, measures 63.8 inches x 63.4 inches x 23.6 inches. The fence is made of iron wire but there is no flooring.

Many customers are satisfied with this huge rabbit run, and one said that they have bought their second to add to the first. However, they also observed that while the cage is sturdy enough to keep the rabbits in, it’s unlikely to keep predators out so they are suggesting that it not be used when the rabbits are unsupervised.

While it’s enjoyable to browse through different products online and in pet stores, it’s not easy finding the largest rabbit cage available in the market. It can also be confusing when reviews contradict. We hope that this list will help you in your quest to find the best cage for your bunnies.

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