Top 5 Tips on Preventing Dog from Escaping the Crate

Deciding to place your dog inside the crate requires not only the means to purchase his new home, but also the patience to go through the entire process of training your pet.

Most often than not, the challenge with dog crate training has to do with how you can convince your pet to stay inside his new home without him barking nonstop.

Other than ensuring that your dog will be at peace while inside his dog crate, know that as the pet owner you also have to find ways on how to control your dog’s possible meltdown.

  1. Dealing with loneliness

According to Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan, one of the most common reasons why dogs escape their crate is because of loneliness. If the crate is not properly introduced to the dog, he will immediately think that he is being punished or is unloved by his master.

Typically, dogs are very sensitive creatures. They can feel lonely just by not being able to interact with their owners.

The best way to ensure that your dog won’t escape the crate because of loneliness is by introducing the new home to him as slowly and gently as possible.

Give your dog ample time to adjust to his new home. While he is still in the process of adjusting, always be present and visible so he knows that he isn’t being rejected.

  1. Offer a safe surroundings

If your dog is placed inside the crate, and he suddenly feels that danger is looming nearby, the dog may automatically try to escape from his new home.

One way to avoid this kind of situation is if the dog crate is placed somewhere in the house where it will be kept safe at all times. If it’s necessary to leave the dog crate outside, make sure to put it where there is enough shed and ventilation.

  1. Keep away from cats and other “friends”

A dog might also attempt to escape his crate if he sees cats walking in front of him. It is therefore necessary to find a spot for the crate where it will always be distraction free for your pet.

  1. Purchase a high-quality indestructible dog crate

When you indestrictible-dog-cratebuy a sturdy & heavy duty dog crate, there’s no need to worry about your dog escaping anytime of the day. It is therefore a must to invest your money on top-quality crates that can be used for a much longer period of time.






  1. Install a fence

Installing a fence can also come in handy if you are still in the process of training your dog to use his crate. dog-fenceDuring this period of time, there will be multiple instances wherein your dog will try to escape from the crate. You can avoid this by installing a fence around your home or the area where the crate is normally placed.

As challenging as it is to train your dog how to use his crate, bear in mind that it is not an impossible task. Sure, it will take some time, but when patience is exercised at all costs, placing your dog inside the crate can be a very rewarding moment for a dog owner like you.


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