Best Rabbit Cage Flooring

Pet bunnies require care, and this includes choosing the proper rabbit cage flooring for them. Remember that it is not only about your own convenience in keeping the enclosure clean and hygienic, it is also about keeping your pet comfortable and safe.

There are different floors that you can use for your rabbit’s habitat. Commonly, commercial cages have either solid floors or wire mesh floors that come with a sliding pan. A solid rabbit cage bottom keeps your pet’s feet comfortable but it can be tedious to clean, while a rabbit cage mesh floor offers convenience when it comes to cleaning although the grids can be harsh on your pet’s feet.

Rabbits do not have pads on their feet in the same way that dogs and cats do, so they might feel discomfort or even develop injury from having to stand on grid floors all the time. If you’re using a cage with a mesh wire floor, you should provide your pet with a solid surface to stand on, such as plexi-glass, a rabbit cage mat, or other material, so it can rest its feet. Otherwise, as says, it will decide to spend its time in its litter box.

If your rabbit is litter box trained, then you should not have much of a problem having a solid floor for the cage. If not, you can cover the floor with rabbit cage bedding to absorb urine and keep droppings from your pet’s feet and fur.

Coroplast is often suggested as flooring, and you can include fleece. Some use carpet or linoleum, but when trying this out, observe first if your rabbit chews on it. If it does, take it away because it might cause health issues.

Also, make sure that the surface you choose is not slippery as there is a risk that your pet would get into an accident and damage their bones. If you use fleece or other material that has no no-slip pads, try not to put it on a slippery surface because it will still cause your pet to slide when it plays or tries to jump.

Here are some products on Amazon that you might want for your rabbit:

Natural Handwoven Grass Multi-Use Pet Mat

This rabbit cage mat from Ware Manufacturing is made of all-natural grass that has been handwoven to make it both functional and attractive. It can be used as a mat for sleeping and as a toy for chewing because it is edible and not hazardous to a pet’s health. It can even be folded to make a little tent-like hut where your pet can hide in.

Those who are satisfied with this rabbit cage floor mat said that their pets love it and so do they. It measures 8 inches x 17 inches x 0.5 inch, which some customers find just right for their furry friends to rest on. Others find it too small, though, so one buyer simply sewed several together to fit their rabbit hutch and another placed several in different sections of their pet’s home.

One common comment is that their rabbits managed to tear it apart in a short amount of time. The mat, being in three sections so it can be folded, also received mixed reviews, but all in all, half of customers gave it 5-stars.

Mat for Rabbit Cage

This product from Eden Farms is made of ABS plastic and comes in black, blue, gray, lime green, orange, purple, raspberry, and turquoise colors. Designed to be placed on top of the rabbit cage mesh floor, this can keep your pet’s feet from feeling sore. Each mat measures 10 inches x 14.25 inches, and can be attached together to make a bigger mat.

Prevue Pet Products Playpen Cover/Mat

This product can be used as flooring for your rabbit’s playpen or as protective cover under the rabbit cage bottom to protect your floor. The material, according to Amazon’s customer services, is composed of 100 polyester and the backing is made of 100 pvc. It is said to be thicker than a tent.

So far, it received 5 stars from 57 percent of reviews on Amazon, and this is because of several reasons. These include ease of cleaning, good quality material, and it does what it is supposed to do – it prevents droppings, urine, hay, rabbit cage bedding materials, and mess in general, from getting to the floor. Moreover, it can be used as a cover when the rabbits are outdoors in the sun.

There are many rabbit cage flooring options that you can consider for your pet bunny, and the decision would depend on your budget, your preference, your pet’s habits, and the type of cage you use. Some rabbit owners exercise their creativity and use a combination of materials, such as the examples posted on San Diego House Rabbit Society. Just remember that when making a decision, put your pet’s safety first.

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