5 Best XXL Dog Crate Options: Which One is Right for Your Giant Dog?

One of the important things that a dog owner needs to remember is to provide their pet with the right size of crate. If it’s too big, it’s likely that your housebreaking training will get messed up, but if it’s too small, your furry friend will be too cramped. The latter can become a problem for large breeds; thus, if you have a giant dog, make sure to get them a giant dog crate.

Tips When Buying a Large Dog Crate

Before you purchase a pet crate, you need to make sure that it is suited for your beloved canine. Here are some important factors to consider:


Your dog should be able to stretch their legs when they lie down on their side, and they should be able to sit up without hitting their head on the top part of the crate. Ideally, it has to be longer than your pet (nose tip to tail base, not tail tip) by 5 to 10 cm. when standing, and higher than your dog’s height by at least 5 to 10 cm. when seated.

There has to be enough room for them to turn and move around. However, there should not be too much space, especially if your dog is in training. This is because dogs don’t like to soil the place where they sleep, and if there’s too much room, they’d simply sleep in one part and do their thing in the other.


It goes without saying, large dogs are powerful. Therefore, you need to purchase a strong dog crate that it is sturdy enough to keep your pet in or, in other cases, withstand their digging and chewing.

Some dogs also tend to be escape artists and will do anything to get out of the crate, so make sure that it has a good lock.


You might also want to consider cleaning. The crate needs to be regularly washed so find out if it is rust resistant. You will also find a removable pan to be very helpful. You may want to think about ease of getting your dog in an out of the crate as well.

Moreover, it’s important to check for safety hazards like sharp corners or protruding wires.

Which XXL Dog Crate to Buy

Here are some humongous dog crates that have been tried and tested by many dog owners:

Double-Door Easy Folding Pet Crate from OxGord

This big dog crate from Oxford is designed with two doors, one on the front and the other on the side, making it convenient for you to let your dog in or out when needed. It also comes with a plastic tray that you can slide in and out without having to open either door to make cleaning easy. Moreover, the crate is washable and its electro-coat finish makes it resistant to fading, rust, and corrosion.

OxGord Double-Door Easy Folding Pet Crate is made of commercial quality steel so it’s sturdy enough for your large breed pet. It measures 48 inches x 29 inches x 32 inches. If you’re using it for a puppy, you can make the area smaller by sliding the divider in, then adjusting the size as your pet grows up. It can also be used for smaller pets like cats or rabbits.

What’s more, the crate is foldable. You can set it up or pack it away without the need for tools, and it can be stored in one neat rectangular package of around 4 inches thick. It also has a handle to make it easy to carry around.

However, do pay attention when you are transporting the crate as the tray may slide out though you can easily latch it in place.

Premium Two-Door Dog Crate from Petco

This crate, too, has two doors, which makes it convenient, especially when the space is limited like when you’re traveling. It also comes with a plastic pan for ease of cleaning. The wires are electro-plated, and it is collapsible for easy storage or transport. Petco’s Premium Two-Door Dog Crate comes in XXL size that can fit a dog over 100lbs.

Moreover, it keeps your pet secure, even those who have a knack for breaking out, because opening the lock takes two steps. It’s also sturdy enough to keep large breed dogs safe inside, as customers have attested in their reviews,.

This crate received 4.8 out of 5 stars from customers review, so that says a lot about how happy customers are about this product.

Single-Door Drop-Pin Metal Dog Crate by MidWest Homes of Pets

This metal dog crate from the Starter Series of MidWest Homes of Pets is a simple cage for keeping your large dog. Measuring 54 inches x 45 inches x 45 inches, it’s suitable for those giant breeds, giving them enough room to remain comfortable.

It has a black electro-coat finish and can be assembled by slotting in its corner drop-in pins. Its single door is also equipped with slide bolt latches for safety and security.

However, because of its size, it’s unlikely to fit conventional doors in the house, so it is suggested that you assemble and position it in the room where you’re going to use it. Also, the package does not include a pan, so you have to purchase it separately.

Ginormous Double-Door Dog Crate by MidWest Homes for Pets

This model from the Solutions Series of Midwest Homes for Pets measures 54 inches x 37 inches x 45 inches so it suits extra-large dogs of more than 90 pounds. It has two doors for convenience, which have slide bolt locks for security. It also has a plastic pan for easy cleaning.

Due to its size, however, this 54” dog crate not really transportable. Also, it tends to wobble so it’s best to keep it by a wall.

Three-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate with Steel Tray from Allmax

Allmax provides the convenience of having three doors: one in front, one on the side, and one on top so you can easily let your dog in and out or you can reach in from above. It also has a steel tray that you can remove for cleaning then lock back in place.

It measures 55.1 inches x 37 inches x 44.5 inches, making it suitable for many large breeds, even Great Danes.

However, some have found it to be not as sturdy as they had expected. The wires are described by the manufacturer as made from heavy gauge metal, but customers have described it as “flimsy.” Still, for a kennel-trained dog, this crate can serve as a good option.

The XXL dog crate suggested above can all accommodate your large four-legged friend. As last reminder, crates not only serve as an enclosure for your pet, it also gives them a sense of security, a place where they can have their alone time and relax. So it’s worth spending time to choose the best one for your lovely friend.


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