Give Your Dog Fresh Clean Water With Automatic Dog Waterer

Our dogs need to re-hydrate themselves throughout the day, especially when the weather is hot. Many pet owners put water in a dish, but is this really the best way? If you want to keep your dog healthy, an automatic dog waterer would be the better option and here's why.

A dish is open so it gathers pollutants and dust from the environment as well as mold spores, fur, and other elements.  And because the water does not flow and remains stagnant, it can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Moreover, when your dog laps to drink, he leaves bacteria in the water, which then multiplies and gets ingested by your dog the next time he drinks. The bowl also tends to develop a slimy surface or even a stain that you can observe when you wash it.

Using an automatic dog waterer outdoors or indoors, on the other hand, keeps the water from being exposed to the environment. It ensures that what your pet drinks is fresh. There are several options available, and here are some that you might like:

Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain from PetSafe

PetSafe has an automatic dog waterer that functions like a small fountain. The water from the 1.3-gallon reservoir flows like a stream that free-falls to the bowl attached underneath, and you can adjust the flow to suit your dog. Because the water circulates and moves, bacteria is prevented from building up.

You can rest assured that your dog drinks clean water because the pre-filter sifts out dirt and other elements, and it also has a replaceable carbon water filter to eliminate bad odor and taste. The product can be disassembled and washed in the dishwasher.

Many verified customers on Amazon attest that this automatic dog water bowl is easy to clean, but some find that this is not so because of the nooks and crannies in the internal parts. Some buyers also say theirs broke not long after purchase, while others say theirs have lasted for years.

Automatic Electric Pet Water Fountain from Homdox

Another automatic dog waterer that you can consider is one from Homdox. It keeps water flowing, and the charcoal filters can be replaced when needed, so your pet's drink is always clean.

This automatic dog water dispenser has a compact square design that can accommodate 1.8 liters of water. It also has an LED light that not only makes it attractive but also makes it easier to see in the dark.

While majority of customers who left reviews on Amazon like the product because their pets have taken to it, they also want it to have a bigger capacity and to not be so lightweight. After all, pets can topple down an automatic dog feeder and waterer if it's not sturdy enough.

Pet Café Pet Waterer from Petmate

The automatic dog waterer that Petmate offers uses the same concept as some water dispensers – you invert the water container and let gravity do the job. But instead of having to push a lever to let water flow, it refills the bowl automatically and stops when the water level reaches the container's cap.

You can choose from two size options: 1.5 gallons or 3 gallons. Both choices have a large hole to make cleaning easy.

Ths automatic dog water bowl works well for many pets and their owners; however, others complain about the lid of the container breaking.

Raindrop Stainless Steel Pet Drinking Fountain from Pioneer Pet

If you would rather have a stainless steel automatic dog waterer than a plastic dish, then you can opt for the one offered by Pioneer Pet. It can hold 1.77 liters of water that keeps on flowing so it does not become stagnant.

The product is dishwasher safe. You do have to assess how well-used your automatic dog feeder and waterer is to know how often you have to change the charcoal filter. It can be replaced once a month, but you might have to do it more often if you have more pets.

Customers like it that the motor on this automatic dog water dispenser is quiet and the water does not gush or splash; however, some buyers said that theirs stopped working within a few weeks.

Drinkwell Stainless Steel Zen Water Fountain from PetSafe

Another stainless steel automatic dog waterer comes from PetSafe. It has a capacity of 1 gallon, so it can provide enough water even for a big dog or multiple pets. The stream is wide and so is the bowl.

The water that circulates and flows goes through an activated carbon filter to keep it fresh. And because it is stainless steel, you do not have to worry about scratches that can accumulate bacteria. It is also dishwasher safe.

While some customers do not recommend the product because theirs broke only after a few weeks, others are satisfied with their purchase because their pets like to drink from it.

Using an automatic dog waterer outdoors or indoors would, of course, result to natural wear and tear. Like most other products, it needs to be properly maintained to make it last longer. It has to be thoroughly cleaned, especially where water passes through. This would ensure that your pet drinks well and often, which, in turn, would help in keeping him healthy.

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