Best Dog Carrier Slings

If you want to keep your small companion with you while you are out and about, and to make sure they are safe, secure and comfortable, you may need a dog sling carrier. Sling dog carriers are made of sturdy fabric that wraps around your pet’s midsection and has handles near the top for you to carry him. It is designed to give pet lovers strength and comfort while travelling with their flurry friends, and dogs will love curling up in the soft fabric peeking and observing the surrounding. There are quite a number of dog carrier sling available, and we have reviewed and shortlisted the followings:

Kangapooch The Small Dog Carrier

Kangapooch comes in 5 different sizes to meet the different body sizes of pet owners. Constructed with comfort, portability and sustainability in mind, it can hold dogs up to 10lbs. Customers who got Kangapooch Dog Carrier Slings found them comfortable and easy to use. And most important of all, dogs just love their slings and many of them simply jumps right in when their owners have the sling on.

Chico Reversible Dog Sling Carrier

Chico dog sling allows dog to stay close to pet owners’ body where they can touch, hug and talk to. Made with soft cotton cloth, the sling is in lightweight and can keep one comfortable throughout the day. The shoulder strap is adjustable with safety collar hook for extra security. It can hold pets up to 12 pounds and are machine washable.

FurryFido Pet Sling Carrier for Dogs

Furry Fido's Pet Sling is suitable for pets up to 15 pounds. The pet sling offers both strength and comfort for pet lovers on the move. Your pet will love curling up in the soft cotton material and will remain safe and secured thanks to the collar hook. Customers are satisfied with this sling as it’s sturdy and at the same time not too hot to wear.

Timetuu BUY Hands-Free dog Carrier Sling

Timetuu is made with soft yet strong fabric, and the wide strips are tested to be convenient even when carrying your little dogs for a little longer. It comes with a zippered pocket for you to store car keys, small purse or even dog treats.

Now with dog carrier sling, when you’re out of the house, whether you’re out running a few errands, doing some shopping, visiting a friend or just taking up on your daily exercise routine, you can bring your little pooch with you.

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