Do Hedgehogs Play with Toys?

In times where everybody has to be original and stand out with something unique and different, having a pet does not mean having a furry cat or an energetic dog anymore. People start owning the most unusual animals that you would never imagine living in a cage. From exotic birds that need special care to the big-eyed slow lorises, home after home welcomes their new family member.

Hedgehogs belong to the “unusual” category. From being alone in the wild, hunting for small animals and living a solitary life, hedgehogs became really popular as a pet. Either it is their face that makes them so irresistible or just the cute troubles they get into—they are any kid’s favorite.

What do they actually do? You can’t expect too much from them other than sleeping and eating, and running some form of a solo marathon, discovering their surroundings while trying to keep themselves away from actual humans. Luckily, this is not the case. While it is true that there is no such thing as a personality pattern, it is safe to say that these little balls of hair fur spikes are filled with energy and curiosity, enough to keep them busy.

When it comes to playing with toys, they are definitely not like cats or dogs. You can catch their interest with things that are out of the ordinary. Below, you can find some great ideas for you to try with your hedgehog in your bonding time.

1. Ordinary Toys and Activities

Try a wide range of objects and see what makes it click with your adored pet.

· Exercise Wheels

It might prove very handy to have one since most hedgehogs suffer from obesity due to the lack of activity. If you find one or even make one your own, make sure that it is made out of a solid material to avoid snagging little feet.

· Mazes

This is surely going to catch your little friend’s attention. You can make your own maze by using paper or pipes instead of spending money, making the tunnels large enough so your hedgehog can run and turn around inside without getting stuck. They will love to find their way out especially if you leave treats on the way.

· Cat Toys

Believe it or not, the material from which cat toys are made might be suited for your pint-sized pal. Colorful balls will be quite inviting for your pet and happily play with or push it around.

· Boxes

Small boxes will do here. By removing any plastic parts or small objects that are stored inside and can cause choking, you are actually creating a very fun playground.

· Stuffed Animals

Sometimes, little hedgehogs enjoy stuffed animals. Whatever you decide to use, try to remove plastic bits off and they’re good to go. Hedgehogs are used to hunting, so they might believe that catching the toy you offered is actually the prey that has to be caught. You will even catch your buddy chewing on it and pushing it around. Just be sure this is perfectly fine, as long as toys do not have loose strings or pieces.

2. Remember their Thirst for Exploration

Have in mind that hedgehogs like to crawl a lot, discovering each and every bit of their environment. They tend not to see very well, but they are catching smells and tastes by interacting with each object the room has that he’s in. Considering that it’s their nature, you should really put together an area to play mini bowling or dominos. Just arrange the pieces in order and allow your hedgehog to run into them and bring them down. At first, they might not understand what they just did, but it will give them a lot of fun while they are playing. Also, consider having some music in the background. It could help calm your hedgehog (and you) down if you play slow music or encourage it to be active with some fast and energetic beats.

3. Make Toys Out of Everything Else

You might try to do that yourself, but the best advice here is to let your tiny companion to do that itself. Don’t panic if your hedgehog chews on some objects in the house and seem to get really attached, unless it’s something that you really need. Just make sure it’s safe for your pet. Otherwise, just give up on that pair of socks if it happens to catch your hedgehog’s attention. Some of the most popular “toys” that are unusual are:

· Toilet Paper Tube

You can find anywhere a video of a hedgehog pushing their head inside a toilet paper tube and walking like that around the house, pushing the tube around, having no idea where it goes. This is going to be really fun for both of you just make sure to remove it after. Even McDonald’s made their McFlurry sundae containers to be hedgehog-friendly since it was believed that they stick their head into the container, licking what is left and then pushing it around then getting stuck.

· Doors

You will discover that they like to push their limits so whenever you see a hedgehog pushing a door on one side and then peacefully walking to the other side to push it back, you know they found a sweet spot for a new favorite activity.

· Toy Trucks

This will be really fun for both you and your buddy. Put your hedgehog on or inside the truck and just push him around by hand or using a remote. You will make your pocket-sized friend really happy.

Just try stuff out and see which toy is the biggest hit. And remember that treating them well will only make them wish for your company, so even a dress-up session or a bath in the sink will make them become really playful. Enjoy!

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