Make Doggie Bath Time More Pleasant with Dog Bathing Systems

Giving your dog a bath can be challenge, especially if your pet resists getting washed. Bathing multiple dogs can also demand much of your time and effort. If you want a more convenient way to clean your dog, then you can consider getting one of the dog bathing systems sold on Amazon. Here are two that you can consider:

BarkBath Portable Dog Bath System by Bissell

If you want to give your dog "a bath without the splash," then the Bissell BarkBath may just be the solution. You only have to slide the nozzle on your pet as you would a carpet cleaner. As it sprays water and shampoo into your dog's skin and fur, it also sucks out the liquid along with the dirt. There is a separate tank for the dirty water that you can empty when you're done washing your pet. It leaves your furry friend clean, but expect them to be damp, not completely dry.

Because the dog bath system is portable, you can use it anywhere in your house. You no longer have to coax and convince your pet to go the bathroom, neither do you have to worry about them spreading water all over the house. You also get to save on water – the manufacturer claims that you only need to use less than 48 ounces of water to wash an 80-pound dog. This means that using the Bark Bath self serve dog wash & grooming system can result to savings and convenience as well as less stress for you and your dog during bath time.

Aside from the device, the Bissell Bark Bath package also includes a bath tool with storage bag, a microfiber mat, a Face & Paws microfiber cloth, and a 16-ounce no-rinse shampoo. It does make noise like a vacuum cleaner, something that customers would want improved, so it would be best if you allow your pet to get used to the sound first.

Indoor/Outdoor Advanced Bathing System for Dogs by Martha Stewart

If you would rather give your dog a shower, then the Martha Stewart Advanced Bathing System for Dogs may be the one for you. All you have to do is fill it with your chosen shampoo and push the button to start washing. When you're done and ready to rinse, slide the button.

The shower adapter allows you to connect it to your shower or outdoor hose, something that customers have found convenient. They also laud the product for making it easier to clean their pets.

Although dogs seem to not mind getting dirty and stinky, it is important to keep them clean. For one thing, it helps maintain the health of their skin and fur and it prevents parasites from taking residence in their coat. Moreover, it keeps your home more hygienic, especially if you let them stay on the carpets and furniture. Besides, it's more pleasant hugging a clean pet than a dirty one. You can read the dog bathing systems reviews that customers leave so you select the one that suits you best.

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