Best Dog Potty Grass for Your and Pet’s Convenience

If you find that your situation or schedule prevents you from taking your dog for a regular walk, then it's time to consider getting a dog grass pee pad. Dog potty grass is an excellent alternative to an outdoor bathroom break, especially if you live in an apartment or condominium, if you are not physically capable of going out much, or if the weather does not permit a stroll.

Here are some dog grass pad options that you can choose from:

Disposable Dog Potty with Real Grass from Fresh Patch

This grass pad for dogs has real grass, not artificial. The grass is hydroponically-grown, which means it uses a mineral nutrient in water solvent instead of soil. Real grass indoors would add to the beauty of your home, and it also helps neutralize bad odors.

This grass potty pad for dogs measures 16 inches x 24 inches and can accommodate pets of up to 25 pounds, but multiple units can be joined together to accommodate larger breeds. And because the whole package is disposable, there is no need to spend time cleaning it. It is eco-friendly, too, so you do not have to worry about throwing it away.

The product does not have a mat underneath, so some customers placed rubber matting or a box. It received many positive reviews, while it’s also worth noting the complaint that the grass was dead when delivered. Also, some dogs are said to have chewed the grass or dug it.

PetSafe Pet Loo Portable Pet Potty

PetSafe Pet Loo is ideal for apartments or homes with no yards, and dog owners can also use it when travelling with pets. It’s a good alternative to pee pads and midnight bathroom breaks. This portable indoor / outdoor potty for dogs comes with a layer of synthetic grass that allows urine to drain through into the base. The base is slightly angled so urine trickles down into the waste container for easy cleanup. This design is loved by pet owners since dogs have to step up onto it to pee, thereby eliminating any half on / half off pees that pool onto the floor and spread completely under a pee pad.

This portable dog potty is receiving a lot of positive reviews, and another worth highlighting feature is the wee sponge that absorbs the pee completely to form a spongy mass. PetSafe Pet Loo comes in three different sizes so you can choose one that fits your dog’s weight.

Indoor Dog Potty by UGODOG

Unlike the other two products, the indoor dog potty from UGODOG is not a grass pad for dogs; rather, it is a pee pad with grates so that your dog's urine will go through, down into the tray, while feces remain on top. All you have to do is lift the grate and dispose of the solid waste.

The product is sturdy enough to accommodate dogs of all sizes, and the grids are not harsh on their paws. More than half of reviewers gave the product 5 stars, but there are other less satisfying customers saying that the product is too thin or the plastic material is less preferred than grass.

Piddle Place Indoor/Outdoor Potty by PetSafe

PetSafe's pee pad with fake grass for dogs is another good option if you are looking for an indoor potty for your pet. Apart from having a porous grass mat that allows liquids to drain down into the reservoir underneath, it also has a quick drain design that lets you dispose of the pee through a spout. This eliminates the problem of spilling the contents.

This dog grass pee pad also has a cover so that you can bring it along if you and your pet are traveling. It measures 30.2 inches x 19.2 inches x 1.8 inches. And to neutralize odors, the manufacturer tosses in a supply of Bio Treatment.

Indoor Puppy Grass Mat from Homdox

The Homdox indoor grass potty pads for dogs are likewise designed so that you do not have to worry if you cannot take your pet for a walk. The base, of ABS construction, has a tray that you can pull out to clean. It measures 24.6 inches x 19.5 inches x 2.7 inches, and the artificial grass for dogs is non-toxic. It received 5 stars from customers because they (and their dogs) have had no problem with the product.

Other Products to Go With Your Grass Pee Pad

To help your pet get used to the idea of using grass pads for dogs, you can try the Paw Print Training Pads from Greenbrier. The product has a scent that is meant to attract your four-legged friend, and it also has an absorbent gel to keep liquids in. Each pack contains 4 pads.

There is also a replacement turf for the Potty Patch litter box. The fake grass for dogs can attract your pet to use the potty when he wants to relieve himself. It is odor resistant and is anti-microbial. It measures 25 inches x 15 inches.

Having a dog at home is very enjoyable, but cleaning up is not. To prevent accidents on your floor, carpet, or furniture, you can provide your pet with dog potty grass, especially if you cannot take him for a regular walk.

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