Earth Friendly Dog Waste Bags

Keeping a pet is not all about feeding and sleeping and cuddling; there is also the issue of waste management. Cleaning and disposal of dog poop can be a problem, especially if you do not have a yard or if you are out on your daily walk, so it's is important to use a dog waste bag.

Proper waste management is part of responsible pet ownership. A poop bag keeps the feces inside, which means that odors and microbes are kept inside, too. It is also meant to be more hygienic.

If you are looking for a dog waste disposal bag that is earth friendly, here are some products with high rating that you can consider:

Dog Waste Bag Refill Rolls by Earth Rated

Since body waste normally exudes a bad odor, you may want the lavender-scented dog waste bag by Earth Rated. Earth-Rated poop bag is leak-proof and is stronger and thicker than similar products sold in the market.

You can buy it in refill rolls, which is convenient to have since they fit into standard leash dispensers. Each of the green-colored Earth-Rated poop bags measures 9 inches x 13 inches, and there are 15 bags in each roll. You can choose from two package options: the first consists of 8 rolls or 120 bags, while the second contains 18 rolls or 270 bags, which can last up to 4 months.

Dog Waste Bag with Easy-Tie Handles by Earth Rated

If you are looking for a dog waste bag with handles, then you can opt for the one that is also offered by Earth Rated. It comes in a box instead of a roll. You pull out each bag the way you would pull out tissue from a box. Each box contains 120 bags that measure 7 inches x 13.5 inches. Because of the handles, it can have a wider opening so it can hold more poop. You can then tie the handles to seal it.

This comes in lavender scent to combat unpleasant odor, but do note that some customers dislike the overpowering smell. If you are sensitive, then you can opt for the Earth Rated poop bags unscented option.

Dispenser with Dog Waste Bags by Earth Rated

If you would rather have dog waste bags in rolls, Earth Rated offers a package that includes 2 green dispensers and 60 rolls or 900 bags. This is a good option if you have multiple pets. Each bag, which measures 9 inches x 13 inches, is lavender scented.

The Earth Rated dispenser can be attached on your dog's leash, and a used bag can be hung on a hook on the dispenser.

Poop Bags by Pogi's Pet Supplies

If you are concerned about the effects of your dog's poop bags on the environment, then you can opt for the dog waste bags from Pogi's Pet Supplies. This leak-proof bags decompose by as short as 18 months.

Their extra-large bag measures 9 inches x 13.5 inches, which can fit in standard dispensers. You can buy it in a pack of 30 rolls or 450 bags, a supply that can last around 6 months. It is designed with an "open here" label so it is easy to know which end opens.

The bag is colored green and is powder scented, although some customers dislike the smell. Also, other customers have experienced ripped bags, which can be quite unpleasant when handling poop.

Poop Bags and Dispensers by Pogi's Pet Supplies

Pogi's Pet Supplies also offers a package that includes 2 dispensers and 50 rolls or 750 bags. The dispenser has a bone-shaped design, which looks cute when attached to your dog's leash. The bags included in the pack are similar to ones described above – 9 inches x 13.5 inches with a powder scent. Some of the complaints are similar, too – some bags are not sealed at the seams and some find it hard to open.

To use a dog waste bag, reverse it and put your hand in (like a glove that is the wrong-side out). Pick up the poop, then turn the bag right-side out over the excrement. Tie it and dispose of properly.

Remember, part of your responsibility in owning a dog is to clean up after him. Use the right materials for hygiene and for keeping the environment safe.

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