Stylish End Table Dog Crates That Will Blow Your Mind

There are a lot of reasons for getting an end table dog crate – they always double as a night stand or end table, they provide cozy, private spots for dogs to sleep and relax, they are designed beautifully and can fit in the home as fine piece of furniture.

Pet Crate End Table By The Casual Homepet-crate-end-table-casual-home
This end table crate by The Causal Home ensures comfort while your dog is locked up. It’s very durable with a hard-sided frame structure. The elegant espresso finish adds to its style-quotient and makes the crate the ideal accessory. It’s also rust and rot-resistant with leak-proof feature to ensure superior hygiene.


Merry Products Cage with Crate Cover Set

This deluxe crate is made to be sturdy and long-lasting. It’s available in an elegant brown finish in powder coat. The door can be easily latched for better safety. Moreover, the crate comes with a black slide-out tray that makes it easy to clean, and the ventilation windows guarantee comfort of your dog.


Wooden Pet Cage by Zoovilla


This white-colored dog crate comes in 3 sizes to accommodate a pet of almost any sizes. The table is sturdy enough for personal items to be stored on top so that you can take full advantage of the surface area with no effect on the crate or pet inside.


Elegant Home Fashions Julia Pet Crate

The Titan Crate functions both as an elegant end table and a comfortable, safe place for your furry friend to rest when you’re out. The solid bottom half of the crate is useful for those who like to chew. With its classic design accented by the circular patterns, it is an unobtrusive option for stowing your pets.


DenHaus ZenHaus Indoor Dog House and End Table

If you are looking for a designer dog crate that identifies with your unique style, you should look no further than Zenhaus by Denhaus. The sleek, modern, and unique look of the ZenHaus will appeal to your senses, while the den’s oval and huggable shape will please even the most snuggly pets.

This designer dog den is topped with opaque, shatterproof glass that brings in the light and features a swing door that can be removed. The fiberglass construction results in an extremely light, but strong and durable den that will provide years of enjoyment.


Final Word

Though it’s tempting to get one of these crates for your lovely pet immediately, it’s important to remember that end table dog crates are best used for dogs that are crate-trained.  Before that, you should choose a more sturdy option like wire or plastic dog crates.  If style is important, you can always get a dog crate cover on the more ordinary style to add a little touch.

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