Heavy Duty Metal Dog Crate Review

As adorable as huge dogs may be, they are also made of muscle and brains, so if you try to keep yours in a flimsy crate, they will just find a way to get out if they are determined to do so. Therefore, you need to choose the right heavy duty metal dog crate to keep them secured.

Aside from being able to bear the weight of your XL / XXL dog, the cage you choose should be strong enough so that the bars don’t get bent and the hinges and welds hold well. Regular heavy duty wire dog cages are often not sturdy enough to contain powerful large breeds, so one made of quality material is advised. The locks and hinges should also be well-made to keep your dog from figuring out how to open the door.

Moreover, a large dog’s attempts to dig and chew their way out could hurt them. Bent or broken metal could endanger any pet or even a human that goes near, so decide on purchasing a cage that your pet can’t easily destroy in their bid for freedom.

A heavy duty wire dog crate should be able to keep your dog safe and secure, which, in turn, gives you peace of mind. Here is a review of three metal dog crate options available online to help you choose the right one for your pet:

ProSelect Empire Heavy Duty Dog Crate Review

The large-sized ProSelect Empire Dog Cage is called by the manufacturer as the “Alcatraz of pet cages.” It is composed of a 3/4-inch frame made of 20-gauge steel and 1/2-inch diameter steel tubes. The stress points are welded together and it has dual door latches to keep the door in place. This heavy duty dog crate with metal pan also comes with removable locking casters so you can roll it around when needed. The wheels can be locked to keep it steady.

Because of its built, this crate is quite heavy but it also keeps canines secure inside. Owners can feel more at ease knowing that their pet, whether it suffers from severe separation anxiety, has a knack for escaping, or is hyperactive and too energetic, can be prevented from breaking out.

Many people who bought this product attested to its durability, which is better than any other they have tried. While somewhat costly, they say that it ultimately saves money because it holds up so there’s no need to keep on buying new crates.

However, some customers complained about it not being as durable or “indestructible” as claimed. There have been reports of broken or chewed bars, and this could be because rather than solid material, the bars have steel tubes that are hollow. Some also complained that the welding job is not good.

One advice is to regularly do maintenance checks. Bolts loosen over time, and keeping an active dog inside could speed up the process, so it’s would be worth your while to tighten these on a regular basis.

While somewhat pricey, if it keeps your pet from getting out and making a mess of your furniture – or going on escapades around the neighborhood – then you’ll find that it’s worth it. ProSelect Empire Heavy Duty Dog Crate is a popular choice among dog owners and it has a positive record with over 80% of happy customers. We see no reason why you shouldn’t check it out now!

Smith Built Heavy Duty Dog Crate Review

This cage has a door at the front, and the top can be opened. It comes with a steel tray and four rolling casters. It is made of 3/4-inch frame and 1/2-inch diameter 20-gauge steel tubes with multi-layer finish, making it resistant to rust and corrosion.

For pet owners who are worried because their dogs can easily get out of wire or plastic crates, this product is a good solution. It’s big and sturdy and keeps active canines out of trouble. It is also more affordable than the ProSelect Empire crate, so it suits the budget-conscious dog owner.

Customers who are satisfied with this product like its big size and it keeps their pet inside. However, they say that smart dogs can open the latches, so they suggest using luggage locks or carabineers to keep the doors doubly secured.

Some customers were disappointed, though, because it might not be the best heavy duty indestructible steel dog crate for rowdy or strong-willed large dogs. For canines who are comfortable inside the crate, this one will do, but it might be smarter to get a sturdier one if your dog is determined to break free.

Go Pet Heavy Duty Dog Crate Review

This crate comes with removable wheels, two of which can be locked so it remains steady. Its frame is made of metal square tube and the body is made of heavy duty steel wire. It is foldable for easy storage and it comes with removable plastic tray to make cleaning easy.

Customers who bought this product were happy with the easy setup process and how their pets were unable to escape. It is not the same for all, however, as some customers ended up unhappy with their purchase because their dogs were able to bend the bars or the welds did not hold. It is more affordable than the other two products above, although it might be a good option for dogs who are not so determined to break free.

A heavy duty aluminum dog crate is not meant to become a prison for your pet but a place where that they can feel safe. Do not use it as punishment or your furry friend will associate it with a negative experience. Instead, make it one where they would feel relaxed and secured, so they will not make desperate attempts to get out.

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