Large Chinchilla Cage

Large Chinchilla Cage

A chinchilla requires a beautifully made cage to regulate its movement. It deserves to be kept in a clean, pretty and well-ventilated place. It is considered as an ideal family pet due to its intelligence and entertainment tactics. This affectionate animal should be kept in a roomy and safe cage in which it can play, sleep and eat. Most often, you will be amazed by how it roams within the cage offering endless entertainment using its vocal banter and active antics.

Cage structures vary from one type to another allowing the pet-lovers to have a variety from which they can choose the best. They are manufactured in different shapes to suit the pet owner. It is advisable to check thoroughly and study the cage you intend to acquire as your perception might not be in line with the reality.

Pet owners’ choice of a certain cage depends to a greater extent on their personal preferences and the available information. Different types of large chinchilla cages have a varying length, width, and height. The best ones are those that offer maximum benefits.

Below are some of the best-selling large chinchilla cages on the global market.

Kaytee Chew Proof Multi Level Ferret Home

Kaytee Chew Proof cage has a deeper base that is resistant to bending and prevents spilling of litter. It has a modern structure with multiple levels that promote healthy activities. It is also equipped with solidified plastic shelves and ramps that enhances safety and provides a comfortable environment for the chinchillas.

The shelves are positioned in a unique way for easy cleaning. This cage can be locked easily to ensure security. The latches that connect to the cage wire are made of chew proof wire.

This cage is 30.5-inches long, 8.5-inches wide and 18.5-inches high. It weighs approximately 15.8 pounds.


  • It has a considerable weight of 15.8 pounds.
  • Provide enough comfort for chinchillas.
  • Promote health and prevents spilling of litter from the cage.
  • Easy to clean


  • The outer part is made of thin wire
  • New users find it challenging to dissemble during cleaning.


This cage is the best choice for individuals who are planning to buy chinchillas. People who already have chinchillas can as well buy to provide their pets with a habitable and comfortable environment. They are made of quality material that is resistant to breakage. Proper maintenance tends to increase its durability.

Prevue Hendryx Black Feisty Ferret Cage

Prevue Hendryx Black Feisty Ferret Cage is normally black in color. It is spacious and can host even the most energetic chinchilla. The cage has three lamps, one hammock, and three platforms. Its escape-proof doors are large and hinged. Treats and toys can be stored in the space saving shelves. It has removable trays and grille platforms that ease cleaning. Its stands have wheels at the bottom that enhance portability from one place to another.

The dimensions of this cage are 31-inch in length, 20-inch in width and 54inch in height. The wire spacing is 7/8-inch. It weighs approximately 46.1 pounds.


  • Spacious and portable.
  • Escape-proof doors.
  • It has space saving shelf that can be used to store items such as toys and treats.
  • Secure due to hinged doors.
  • Has large doors and removable tray making it easy to clean.
  • Can easily be partitioned.


  • Occupies more space.
  • It has metallic platforms that may not be suitable for some customers.


This cage offers chinchillas with enough space to jump, play, run or wander in any way possible. The lamps, hammock and shelves create conducive environment that keeps the pet content and comfortable.

MidWest Critter Nation with Stand

It consists of removable shelves and plastic trays making it easy to clean. The shelves are easily adjustable and have toy/bedding anchor points. It has a feet ramp cover that offers protection to chinchilla’s feet, prevents passage between various levels and provides traction.

The cage is equipped with plastic pan floor and wide expanse shelf that prevents the pet from dangerous falls and increases the play area. The 1/2″ cage wire is spaced sufficiently enough to allow chinchilla to move and climb easily in a secure environment. The cage has wide double doors that ease accessibility during cleaning.

The dimensions of this cage are 36-inch long, 24-inch wide and 63-inch in high. It weighs around 92.2 pounds.


  • Sufficient play area.
  • Easy to maintain and user-friendly.
  • Low maintenance cost.


  • Ramps have a large separation between bars making them unsuitable for smaller chinchillas.


The quality and feature of this cage suggest that it is designed to give pets the best habitat. Chinchilla owners should not hesitate to acquire the cage.

Living World Deluxe Habitat

This hybrid cage provides all the safety measures required when housing a chinchilla. It consists of a plastic base at the bottom and wire frame at the upper side that ensures safety, comfort and a free flow of air. It has a food dish that is tip-proof placed on the balcony floor.

The balcony has access lamp and a hideaway underneath. Hay guard and water bottle are externally located to create more space within the cage. It weighs around 23.6 pounds, and only X-large size is available in the market.

Length, width, and height are 46-8/9-inch by 22-4/5-inch by 24-inch respectively.


  • It has secure and quiet hideaway space underneath the balcony.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • It has a tip-proof water bottle.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • It has ventilation that allows free flow of air within the cage.


  • It is not available in small size


Living World Deluxe Habitat is a modern cage with outstanding and unique features. Of all the available cages, this is the best cage to buy.


Demand for pets such as chinchilla is rapidly increasing in the modern world. Most chinchilla’s keep the environment lively and friendly. Keeping this pet in the right cage is very important to its health. The choice of the best cage should be based on the features, physical appearances and the overall impact on the life of the pet.

MidWest Critter Nation with Stand is a good option, but it is the most expensive. It has good features and attractive appearance. Its height is recommendable, and it provides pets with the best play area.

Living World Deluxe Habitat gives chinchillas amazing life experience. The young ones of a chinchilla can hide underneath the balcony if scared. It is fitted with proper ventilation and offers pet owners the maximum benefits.

Pet owners who need a spacious and easily portable cage should acquire Prevue Hendryx Black Feisty Ferret Cage. Though a little bit expensive, it has appealing features.

Kaytee Chew Proof Multi Level Ferret Home is environmental friendly. It has a deeper base that prevents spilling of litter

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