Top 5 Toys for Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs are adorable animals that actually make for wonderful pets at home.

Before jumping into buying a hedgehog, hedgehog cage and accessories, it is necessary to first learn some facts about this creature.

One, hedgehogs are prickly animals which means that their entire body is designed with sharp spines. These spines erect when the hedgehog feels the need to defend himself.

Hedgehogs are also very sensitive creatures that, in the event of attacks and other dangers, will roll their bodies into a tight little ball. In some cases, hedgehog might feel the need to defend himself even when you’re just playing with him.

If you think that you’re ready to take care of a hedgehog, bear in mind that other than his cage or house and food, you also need to provide him with toys.

Here’s a look at the top 5 toys that you can either purchase or do at the comfort of your own home.

DIY Hideouts

Hedgehogs feel safest when they are in the dark. As a pet owner, it is therefore necessary that you purchase small hideouts that can fit inside your pet’s cage.

You can also create your own hideout by simply stacking up old pieces of cloth and attaching it to a stick that you can bend to form a fort-like structure.

When doing your own hideouts for your hedgehog, always remember to leave an opening at both ends of the fort.

Sleeping bags

Place a small part of a sleeping bag that you are no longer using on top of your hedgehog’s cage or house.

Since the inner part of the sleeping bag is designed to be soft and warm, your hedgehog will have the best time running around and walking on it.

Remember, the sleeping bag needs to be washed constantly so you should always have a backup piece ready for use.

Exercise balls

Hedgehogs also need to exercise every now and then. Through the help of a hedgehog exercise ball, your pet’s weight can be maintained and regulated. Also, your hedgehog can definitely have a fun time while inside his house once the ball is used regularly.

However, be very careful when buying an exercise ball for your hedgehog because some types are not very safe for use.

Exercise wheels

If you are not a fan of exercise balls, worry not because hedgehogs may also play using a hedgehog exercise wheel.

This type of wheel is typically made from plastic or metal materials. Be wary in choosing the best brand because there are some cases wherein the hedgehog’s small feet may be trapped in between the wheels’ grills.

Chew toys for hedgehogs

Hedgehog chew toys are another perfect option to keep your pet entertained. When you buy chew toys, always go for the small-sized ones.

Preferably, buy stuffed animal chew toys because this can make the hedgehog feel as though he’s playing with another animal.

Now that you have at least five different options for toys for your hedgehog, what are you waiting for? Make sure to purchase or make at least one of these five items right now and see how your pet will react to it!

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