Chinchilla Cage Accessories – The Complete Checklist

Chinchillas are quite popular pets because they are adorable, energetic, and playful. They do require lots of exercise as well as proper dental care and attention, so if you are planning to keep this fluffy rodent in your home, make sure that you have time to care for it. Moreover, you need to acquire the right chinchilla cage with sufficient space and all the necessary accessories.

What Do Chinchillas Need?

Before you get your first chinchilla, you need to prepare its home. A starter kit for this fur ball should include all of the following:

Chinchilla Cage

The average length of an adult chinchilla is 12 inches, and they require space for running, playing, and exploring. Apart from being able to jump very high, these animals are also excellent climbers, so make sure that you choose a large chinchilla cage that can accommodate ledges, hideaways, and other necessities and accessories.

Cage Shelves and Ledges

Because chinchillas like to get up high, you need to give them some shelves to climb. You can opt for the 2-level platform from Niteangel, made of natural pine wood. Each platform is semicircle-shaped with a diameter of 8.6 inches (4.3 inches radius), and you can attach them together with the accompanying pole to make two levels. Some customers said that their pets chewed the wood, but since it's non-toxic, it won't harm the little animals.

If you would rather have a rectangular chinchilla shelf, then you can choose the 3200 small wood platform from Prevue Pet Products. It can be attached to any to cage with a horizontal bar, and because it is 8 inches long x 6 inches wide, it has ample space for your pet. According to some buyers, however, it is not made of solid wood but plywood, with several layers glued together.


Chinchillas like to keep themselves clean, and they enjoy taking dust baths about twice a week. Provide your pet with a place for them to get the oils and dirt out of their fur, like the chinchilla bath house hideout from Green Farm.

This hideout, measuring 9.4 inches x 12 inches x 10 inches, looks like a bird house with a round entryway. Because of its design, most of the dust for your pet's bath is kept inside. It also gives your chinchilla a place to hide and have some privacy, but this also means you can't see your cute pet while it rolls around to clean itself.

The material used is all-natural kiln-dried pine wood, assembled without use of metal nails, so it's safe even when your pet decides to chew on it. The top can be taken off for easy cleaning.


To keep your chinchilla cozy when it's time to snooze, you can get the super sleeper Cuddle-E-Cup from Kaytee. It measures 10 inches x 12 inches x 5.5 inches and the interior is made of soft fleece, guaranteeing comfort when your pet wants to snuggle. Some customers find it too big for their needs, though. It also has a clip to keep it secure onto the cage and is machine washable for your convenience.

Another cute option is the polka dot cage hammock by Pro Select. Hanging this using the easy snap clips not only provides a nice resting place for your chinchilla, you also free up floor space inside the cage. The interior is synthetic lamb's wool, which feels nice and cozy, although several customers said theirs did not last very long.


Chinchillas are very active creatures, especially at night since they are nocturnal, so toys are among the accessories that chinchilla cages should have. Moreover, they grow their teeth throughout their lives, so it's important to provide them with items that they can chew.

The Gnawing Bedroom by Jianren Yi is one cute addition to your chinchilla's cage. It is a set of mini furniture pieces that includes a cabinet, a bed, a multi-layer shelf, and a dresser with stool, making your pet's habitat look like a little decorated room. Because these chinchilla cage accessories are made of soft wood, your pet can chew on them. The items are quite small, though.

Another option that you can consider is the Tropical Fiddle Sticks by Kaytee. This is a set of 10-inch long wooden sticks attached together by flexible metal. You can shape it into a hideaway, a ramp, or a tunnel, which makes it interesting for both you and your pet. The product does need to be replaced once the flexible metal starts to show.

To keep your chinchilla busy and physically active, you can add the 15-inch Chin Spin exercise wheel from Quality Cage Crafters. This item does not have plastic; instead, it is made of metal with powder coating without grills or mesh that can hurt your pet's paws. It can be mounted on any wire cage to keep it secure while your pet enjoys himself on the 6.25-inch running surface. The product is well-received by many chinchilla owners.

Water Bottle

It goes without saying that chinchillas need to be provided with clean water all the time. The H528 patented no-drip chinchilla water bottle from Choco Nose would do the job with its 11.2-ounce capacity. All you have to do is secure it in the cage using the screw-on bracket, and you can snap the bottle off and back on during refills and cleaning. You can also nail it on a wall and even switch the container with a different bottle since the nozzle fits just about any standard-sized soda or water bottle.

Pet owners attest that it does not leak at all, which removes the problem of filthy cages and soaked beddings.

Food Dish

Your chinchilla needs a food bowl that he can't knock over to avoid food contamination and mess. The ceramic food bowl from Mknono is a good choice for this since the heavy duty ceramic material is designed to not tip over. The inside is concave so your pet can enjoy every morsel of his meal without bits spilling out, and it is also easy to clean.

What's more, it has cheery colors and you can choose from the watermelon, kiwi, or grapefruit design options. It stands 2 inches and its diameter is a bit over 5 inches, although a customer wishes for a bigger size.

Hay Rack

Chinchillas also like to nibble on hay, so it's best to have a hay rack that will keep the stalks or straws from getting all over the place. The 2-in-1 feeder from ZoeE has a vertical shelf for keeping hay while the bottom-front portion has a feeding bowl for pellets. It is made of plastic and can be easily attached to a wire cage.

These are some of the chinchilla cage accessories that you need to prepare before you get your first chinchilla. With these in hand, you can start having a fun time caring your for new fluffy pet.

Remember, though, that chinchillas have thick, velvet-like fur, growing an average of 60 hairs from each follicle. They do not sweat so the habitat has to be well-ventilated but not humid or drafty. Make sure that you place the chinchilla cage away from direct sunlight and the room temperature has to be well below 80 degrees Fahrenheit (26.6 degrees Celsius); otherwise, your pet could suffer from heatstroke. Also, do not get your pet wet.

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