Dwarf Hamster Cages: Selecting the best ones for your furry little friends

When purchasing dwarf hamster cages, it is easy enough to select one that is a color you like, with all accessories available as one package, making the purchase decision simple enough for you.  However, buying a safe and appropriate habitat for your dwarf hamster is a vital decision that you will make for their well-being.  There are a few boxes that need to be ticked when searching for the right dwarf hamster cage, which ensures safety, a good general habitat as well as additional accessories that you can buy to enhance your pet’s daily contentment.

If you already have done your research on what makes a good hamster habitat, then go ahead and skip down to my reviews of the best hamster cages. I have tested all of these cages and have recommended them based on Pros and Cons. If you have no idea yet about what makes a great habitat for the little guys, then keep on reading. I will go through all of the criteria you should look for in a hamster cage to give them the healthiest and happiest life possible.

Cage size requirement

Dwarf hamsters are generally happy to live in smaller sized cages, but don’t just look at cages as a “holding tanks” since the more space your pets have the better for their wellbeing.  Hamsters’ living space also depends on how many dwarf hamsters you have in one cage.  You may find you need more space to prevent squabbling.

The general size of a dwarf hamster cage should be a minimum of 75cm (30inches) by 40cm (15 inches).  An appropriately sized cage will not get dirty as quickly, which results in a lower amount of ammonia build up and it keeps your dwarf hamsters’ food, water and toys in order, allowing them to move and run in their habitat happily and healthily.

Flexible with a solid foundation is key

Some of the cages on the market have accessories built in. I mean built in. They can’t be moved. That is kind of a pain in the rump when it comes to cleaning. Other cages are much more flexible. You can change the position of water bottles and feeding stations as well as toys. Others are even more flexible allowing you to add an additional room and other space should the need arise. And best everything is removable for easy cleaning.

It is also important to have a good look at the bars on the cage as dwarf hamsters are so small that they can easily squeeze through the gaps.  Your cage should be shut tight and it is advisable to keep baby dwarf hamsters in a cage with glass or plastic walls at first, to avoid any escaping.

Ensure you choose the right material

If you invest in a high quality cage and take good care of it, your cage will definitely last the entire lifetime of your pet hamster.

Glass:  Dwarf hamsters are rather happy in glass cages, which protect them from the cold, draft temperatures, and they provide an excellent view of the hamster’s daily activities.  You can get a hamster aquarium and have a mesh cover on top so that she can’t escape.

Plastic:  Plastic is probably the most common construction material you will find for a hamster cage. Plastic is very versatile and can be molded into different colors and interesting shapes. Many plastic cages come with several rooms connected by tubes and these tubes allow for endless exploration fun for your hamster. On the downside of plastic cages, the more complex they are, the more difficult they are to clean.  They are also prone to chewing or breakage so selling a sturdy version is important.

Metal:  Cages that are made of metal are well ventilated however they do not provide enough protection against hamster bedding being flung about and getting thrown from the cage.  And depending on the size of the mesh, a dwarf hamster may try to push through the cage and get stuck.  Other hamster owners I spoke with said their hamster’s feet get stuck in the wire mesh on the bottom of the cage causing injury.

Accessorize with thought

Many dwarf hamster cages come with set accessories which is great.  However, careful thought should be given to how you will build this into the cage, for example, how the tubes flow within the cage.  It is imperative to remember that hamsters need more horizontal than vertical space.  Hamsters love climbing up, but are rather challenged when it comes to climbing down.

1. Exercise wheel

In the wild, dwarf hamsters can travel for miles every day, so an exercise wheel is something that they love.  They are extremely active creatures, especially at night and need a way to exercise and keep their stamina up as much as possible.  Look for a wheel that has no rungs, avoiding injury while the hamster is running.  You also have a choice to get a plastic wheel instead of a metal one, avoiding any squeaky noises late at night.

2. Water bottle

A good quality water bottle is possibly one of the most important aspects to your hamster cage.  Hamsters drink a great deal of water, which can be from either a water dish or a water bottle that fits in between the bars of a cage.  A water dish works best for cages that are multi-leveled, that way you can easily place the water dish on a level that is not bedded.  The best type of water bottle to look for is a chew-proof one, so invest in one that may be slightly more costly but will avoid gnawing at a later stage.

3. Food bowl

A food bowl should always be quite small for dwarf hamsters, so that it is almost always full while not giving them too much food at a time.  Smaller food bowls allow for your flurry friend to have quick access to food without bending over too much.  It is also worth getting a sturdy bowl that is chew-resistant and difficult to overturn

* Find out more about WHAT DO HAMSTERS EAT here.

4. A place to hide

It is great idea to either buy an accessory that is a hideout or make your own.  Accessories available as hideouts are usually in the shape of mushrooms, strawberries or even mini shoes.  Dwarf hamsters are small and love to get away from sunlight during certain times in the day.  If you want, you can even give them toilet roll holders to sleep in.  Although, beware of the mess should they want to chew on these!

Note: If you have two dwarf hamsters in the same cage, you will want them to each have their own wheel, bowl, and water bottle, especially if you have one hamster of each sex. This will allow them to get along while maintaining their territorial instincts.


Now you have read our suggestions and guidelines, have a look at our choices of good dwarf hamster cages on the market:

 Super Pet My First Home Tank Topper


Super Pet My First Home Tank Topper converts any 10 gallon tank into a multi-level high rise for dwarf hamsters.  The wire tank topper snaps together in a minute and it’s a cheap and smart way to give your hamster some breathing room especially if you grow them in a tank when they were babies.


Flexible and affordable

Easy to clean

Good view for both pets and owners


Baby dwarf hamster might escape from the top

Habitrail OVO Dwarf Hamster Habitat


The Habitrail OVO grabs your attention immediately although you may have some reservations about practicality. The cage may not work for all hamsters, but makes a perfect home for dwarf hamsters.

Easy to take apart and put back together
Cleans easily
Dog/Cat proof
Silent wheel with curved sides to keep hamster from falling out
Water bottle is easily accessible
Affordable price

Small in size. Expansion of the system can get expensive
Needs cleaned often

For a thorough review of Habitrail’s OVO Dwarf Hamster Habitat, click here.

Prevue Pet Products Hamster Haven Cage


The Prevue Products small hamster haven gives your dwarf hamsters three levels of space for your hamsters to explore, climb and be a hamster. It comes with two slide ramps, two platforms, one exercise wheel and a hideaway dome. There are two doors for easy access to your hamsters.

The correct size for a dwarf hamster
Quiet exercise wheel

The wheel is a little bit too small
The top platform is a bit unsturdy

 Ferplast Duna Fun Hamster Cage



The Ferplast Duna Fun is a higher quality cage than most of its competitors. It comes with everything you might need for your hamster including 2 floors, water bottle, food bowl, wheel and hamster hideaway. There is lots of space for your hamster to play and get the healthy exercise he or she needs.

Easy assembly
High quality, chew-free, plastic
Easy to clean

Wheel is noisy

 Imac Fantasy Hamster Cage


The Imac Fantasy Hamster cage is bright and colorful. It is made from chew proof wire. The internal tubing and exercise wheel keep your hamster entertained.  The additional living space that attaches to the top gives a clear view to your pets inside.

Easy to clean
Small size for a multi-level hamster cage.


Give your flurry friends their best home and enjoy seeing them running around happily!


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