What kind of cage does a hedgehog need?

Hedgehogs need a cage or a home that can provide them with utmost comfort anytime of the day.

Most hedgehog owners go for either readily-made metal or plastic hedgehog cages, but there are actually more options to choose from out there.

If you are serious about finding the best hedgehog cage for your pet, take a look at the options below.

What to consider when getting a hedgehog cage? 

One of the most important things to consider when buying a cage for your hedgehog is the size of the cage.

Even though hedgehogs are small creatures, they need more than enough space to move around freely. Typically, the cage should measure 24” x 24”. A bigger cage might be necessary if you intend to put more than one hedgehog inside.

Other than the size of the cage, the home of the hedgehog should also be equipped with different types of toys. This means that even with the exercise wheel, plastic balls, hideouts and the like, the hedgehog should still have tons of space inside his home.

Additionally, the best hedgehog cage  is those that have a space or slot for the food bowl and water container. These eating tools don’t occupy much space, but may seem like it if the cage of your pet is very small.

How big should a hedgehog cage be?

The size of the hedgehog cage depends on the pet owner. At the end of the day, there is no such thing as perfect size. Rather, the size should depend on how many hedgehogs are to be placed in one cage, as well as the size of the hedgehogs.

A large hedgehog cage may be necessary if the house of the pet also comes with big-sized hideouts. Since hedgehogs love to sleep and stay in the dark, hideouts are an essential part of their home.

Typically, the hideout is designed with an opening on both ends. This means that the hideout will occupy at least half of the cage. In order to ensure that the hedgehog will still have enough space to eat and roam around in, a big hedgehog cage might be needed.

Top 3 large hedgehog cage brands

This cage may also be used for hedgehogs and other small-sized pets. What makes it a standout option is the fact that it only comes in large and extra-large sizes.

Other than this, this hedgehog cage is made with chew-proof coated wire and stain-resistant plastic parts that guarantee length of use.

This cage also snaps together very easily and no tools are required when setting it up.

The WARE hedgehog cage is similar to the previous option because of its chew-proof feature. It also comes with a heavy duty plastic base that’s very easy to clean.

This type of hedgehog cage comes with different designs and patterns. Some options include the Under the Sea pattern, the 3D works pattern, rainbow skin pattern, tropical pattern and more.

Additionally, this hedgehog cage measures 44” L x 28” W x 15” T which means that it is bigger compared to other types of cages. It’s best for those who look for C&C Hedgehog cage but don’t want to make one themselves.

Other hedgehog cage ideas

  1. 1 DIY Hedgehog cage / DIY C&C Hedgehog cage

If you are the type of hedgehog owner who wants to be actively involved in the life of your pet, going for a DIY hedgehog cage may be your best bet.

Making a cage for your hedgehog may seem quite a daunting task, but it is also undeniably rewarding.

You would need some items such as wood, used plastic containers, cloth, scrap boxes, glue, newspaper, old stuffed toys, old blankets, screws, nails, wires and more in order to make a cage for your hedgehog.


After gathering all of the materials that you will need in making a hedgehog cage, it’s now time to think of a concept or design.

If you have more than one hedgehog, building a multi-layered cage may be a great idea. Otherwise, sticking to a one-layered house should be your focus in the meantime because it is easier and faster to make.

Materials used

When building a homemade hedgehog cage, ask yourself if you want one that is made with plastic, wood or wire. Each of these three materials has their own set of benefits and downsides.

Wire is very easy to find, but it may not be very easy to put together manually. Wires also rust over time so you may not use them for very long.

Wood, on the other hand, is much easier to cut, shape and nail together. It can also be painted easily. However, a wooden cage is very sensitive when it comes to water. Over time, the quality of the wood may deteriorate if it is always in contact with water or your pet’s pee.

A plastic cage for your hedgehog seems like the smartest option. Plastic is not very expensive and it is also very easy to clean.

Sizes and measurements

After you’ve made up your mind on what kind of cage you wish you build, it’s now time to think of its measurement. 24” x 24” is the most ideal size for most hedgehog breeds.

However, the bigger the cage, the more space the hedgehog will have and this may be better for him.

The cage should also have enough space for the other supplies and toys that your hedgehog needs.

Now that you have some ideas when it comes to the hedgehog cage set up, it’s now time to think of where to place the cage.

Bear in mind that hedgehogs need to be kept warm at all times. Otherwise, if the hedgehog feels cold it will hibernate and this could kill them.

Allot enough space for the heating pad or lamp that should be placed inside or near the cage. With this, the cage of the hedgehog should always be kept indoors where it’s safe and secured at all times.

    1. 2. Hedgehog travel cage

Just like the travel cages for cats and dogs, hedgehogs also need one if you wish to transport them from one place to the next.

The hedgehog travel cage should be equipped with the right amount of ventilation and it should also have a reliable locking system that can keep the hedgehog safe 24/7. Here are top 3 brands to check out.

Yosoo’s portable travel bag is perfect for transporting small-sized pets like hedgehogs. It is very easy to carry around because it’s like a sling bag. This travel carrier bag is lightweight and durable. It is also perfect for use among hedgehogs one to three months old.

Salico’s hedgehog travel bag measures 25 cm. in length and 21 cm. in width. It is perfect for short outings and day trips. A visit to the vet is made easy with this carrier.

Save Pet’s travel cage can serve as the perfect temporary home for your hedgehog. It comes in three different colors, namely, yellow, orange and pink. It also boasts of a water bottle and food dish. Made from plastic materials, this travel cage is safe for hedgehogs and other small-sized pets.

  1. 3 Hedgehog cage accessories

If you’ve already selected a cage for your hedgehog, it’s now time to look at the various accessories you can install in your pet’s home.

Playground swing

A playground swing may be used by hedgehogs or other types of small animals for exercise and play. Some brands also offer a heating pad at the bottom of the swing.

Exercise wheels

Exercise wheels are one of the most common types of toys for hedgehogs. It is usually made using metal or plastic materials and it can easily be attached to the grills of the cage.

Waterproof hedgehog boxes

If the cage that you made or purchased for your hedgehog doesn’t have a built-in hideout, you can simply purchase a waterproof box for him. This type of box is not only an ideal place for the hedgehog to sleep in; it is also very safe for your pet and the environment.

Mini shopping carts

Even though hedgehogs can’t go shopping, you can buy them miniature shopping carts that you can place inside the cage. This shopping cart also comes with small wheels and hedgehogs typically lie down on top of the cart.

Heating pad

A heating pad is an essential part of the hedgehog’s cage. Even though the cage is not exposed to cool air, hedgehogs should have 24/7 access to a heating pad.

Colored chew sticks

In order for the hedgehogs to not chew on its cage, always give your pet colored chew sticks. This type of treat is very safe for hedgehogs and other types of small-sized pets.


A hammock may also be installed inside the hedgehog’s cage. This can be made using small-sized fleece cloth that will be attached to the grills of the cage.

Waterproof mat pads

Some pet owners also opt to install waterproof mat pads inside the cage for their hedgehog. This mat is used to ensure that the hedgehog’s house will be kept dry over long periods of time. The mat may also help avoid slips.

Top 5 home cages for hedgehogs

Another cage designed by MidWest is their Critter Nation with Stand. This cage also comes with multilayers that ensure unlimited space for sleeping and playing. This cage is very easy to assemble and boasts of a topnotch locking system. It also features four wheels so you can transfer the entire cage within seconds.

Living World’s deluxe pet cage for small-sized pet offers everything you and your hedgehog could ever need. This hybrid cage boasts of an upper wire frame and a plastic bottom base. It is safe, well-ventilated and has a ramp that gives the hedgehog access to a balcony. It also has a tip-proof food dish and a drip-proof water bottle.

WARE Manufacturing’s hedgehog cage measures like a 10-gallon aquarium. It is durable and chew-proof. The cage also features mesh ramps and shelves where the hedgehog can hide anytime of the day. The door of the cage is situated on top for easy cleaning.

The Super Pet tank topper boasts of several different places and a huge space where hedgehogs can roam around freely. It comes equipped with stairs, a hideout, food bowl, water bottle and comfort shelves. This hedgehog cage is also chew-proof and is made with stain-resistant plastic parts.

MidWest’s hedgehog cage is ideal for use if you have more than one hedgehog at home. Since it boasts of several different layers, it is perfect not only as a home but also as a place for exercising. Some parts of this cage is machine washable and dryer friendly. It also comes with a one-year warranty.

It’s quite challenging to say which the best cage for hedgehog  is. At the end of the day, it all depends on what you’re looking for and how much your budget is for purchasing one.

Now that you have tons of ideas when it comes to the best cage for a hedgehog you can buy or make on your own, what are you waiting for? Time to choose which brand of hedgehog cage you will go for and whether or not a custom hedgehog cage will be best for your pet.

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