Hedgehog Cage Accessories – The Complete List

Here you are at the complete list to hedgehog cage accessories!  Hedgehogs are adorable and there's no doubt about that. If you are planning to get one of these spiky but cute little mammals as a pet, then you have to prepare a hedgehog cage and all the necessary hedgehog pet supplies.

​Hedgehog Cage

The cage is where your new pet will spend most of his time, and accessories like hedgehog water bottle & dish and a litter box for hedgehogs are meant to keep him comfortable and healthy. Here are some that you need to put on your list:

Hedgehog Bedding

You will need hedgehog bedding, and there should be enough to fill the bottom portion of your hedgehog cage. This is meant to absorb your new pet's waste.

The Complete Pet Bedding from Carefresh is 99 percent dust-free, natural paper bedding has a 10-day odor control and is 3 times more absorbent than the traditional shavings. It is one of the best bedding for hedgehogs available.

A single pack contains two 30-liter beddings. Since it is also biodegradable, you are also doing your own share in helping the planet.

Hedgehog pet owners who have tried the all-natural bedding are amazed on how well the odor-control works. It also does not emit any chemical-smelling scent, plus it can absorb more fluids than similar products.

In addition, you can place a hedgehog litter box  in the cage.

Hedgehog Food

You also need to make sure that the food you are going to give your pet are specifically for hedgehogs. These spiky mammals are picky eaters so you need to provide a special mix to supply their dietary needs. Your favorite pet store may also offer especially made mixed hedgehog food, while other stores may also offer farm-raised insects that can be consumed by your pet.

Several varieties of treat mix are available for your hedgehog. These are extra food that you can provide when you take your pet outside of his cage. These are very helpful when you are trying to bond with them.

Hedgehog Water Bottle & Dish

Another priority for your hedgehog is its water, and the Kordon/Oasis Bell Bottle and Hold Guard can hold up to 4-ounce of liquid. Its rounded-edge design prevents chewing of the container itself and also has an adjustable strap that will fit a wide-variety of wired-cages, aquariums or plastic bins.

Similarly, you need to provide a dish to place your pet's food.

Heating Source

Another equally important accessory for your hedgehog is heating source. There are several kinds available and it is really up to you on which one you prefer. Some of the commonly used heaters are compact, full-room, ceramic bulbs, and the clamp lamp type.

Bonding Pouch

There is also the hedgehog bonding pouch that will allow you to bring your pet in style wherever you go. These bonding pouches are roomy, warm, and will definitely provide comfort while on the go. These are also designed to carry additional small things for your pet such as treats and tissue for accidents. You can also consider getting a hedgehog leash.

Starter Kits

If you not want the hassle of purchasing several items individually, hedgehog starter kits are also available. Some stores offer several levels such as the basic, full or deluxe, but all of them will include a cage or a bin, bedding, and food and water bowl. The higher category kits, which are also priced higher, contain a few more accessories for your hedgehog to enjoy.

Other Accessories

There are also tons of hedgehog cage accessories available that you can choose to provide your lovable four-legged friend. There are hedgehog litter pans, enrichment accessories like exercise wheels, ramps, and hedgehog hideouts to keep them happy and active. You can also purchase hedgehog toys such as balls and bells.

Before making any purchase, though, try to make sure that you understand very well the responsibilities that come with keeping a pet. If you have decided that you can take care of hedgehog, then it is time to enjoy their company.

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